Secure Password Managers

  Ranger 08:48 16 Mar 2008

I've got a load of passwords to remember regarding online accounts and other items, so much so I'm beginning to forget them and use the ame ones for multiple accounts, I have looked around the web and seen quite a few that look good (freeware and pay software)but don't seem to see one that gets more praise than others, anyone on here used any they can reccomend, freeware or otherwise?


  961 09:54 16 Mar 2008

I can recommend Roboform. There is a free version available but the professional version is comprehensive and works very well. It is supported by a prompt and helpful support system.
click here

  spuds 11:54 16 Mar 2008

Don't use a password manager myself, but you could check this site click here for reviews and products.

  Clapton is God 15:44 16 Mar 2008

The only "Password Manager" you need is a simple Excel spreadsheet.

That's what I use.

Make sure it's stored on an external medium (USB pen drive, for instance); NOT on the PC

  GaT7 16:45 16 Mar 2008

'The only "Password Manager" you need is a simple Excel spreadsheet.' - that's not very safe even if you password protect the file it as it can be easily hacked. I would strongly recommend storing the Excel file in a secure TrueCrypt volume click here.

In addition to another free password manager, I also use one of the earlier free versions of Roboform that allows 30-passwords - you can download it from click here - look for 'AiRoboForm-5-7-6.exe 01-Aug-2004 02:13 1.7M' in the list. G

  Clapton is God 17:02 16 Mar 2008

"that's not very safe even if you password protect the file it as it can be easily hacked"

How can it be "hacked" exactly if, as I said, it's stored on an external medium?

  GaT7 19:04 16 Mar 2008

Excel passwords easily hacked/protection removed click here

If the external medium is stolen/lost, it'll be easy for a thief to get to the passwords in Excel (protected or not).

TrueCrypt can be used on a USB drive too, without the need for the program to be installed on the host computer - click here & scroll down to 'Q: How can I use TrueCrypt on a USB flash drive?'

Always better to be safer than sorry :-), G

  exdragon 19:57 16 Mar 2008

Have a look at Whisper click here

I've used it for years - you only need to remember the one password to access it.

  merc. 20:12 16 Mar 2008

Agree with exdragon Whisper is good, used it for years also.


  Ranger 10:48 17 Mar 2008

Cheers all, i'll have a look at them

  wee eddie 11:28 17 Mar 2008

in one of the many files that are stored on my PC.

In order not to be too explicit, the file is not named Passwords and the passes are only a small part of the aforesaid file which could be in Access, Excel, Publisher or Word. To find them the hacker would have to search every Database, Spreadsheet, Design, and Document that I access on a regular or irregular basis.

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