Secuity SIA icence

  Terry Brown 13:21 14 Feb 2009

I am sure that many users, like me, work in the security industry and have been 'forced' by this government to pay for a 'Secuity Check', so you can carry on working.

Currently this is £245, which lasts for 3 years

Do you know that as it is a legal requirement, you can reclaim the cost from the Taxman under sector 5 'Fees paid as a condition of carrying on your profession'.

You will need yor tax reference, National Insurance Number, and Employer Details. All found on your P60.
Good Luck

  tullie 13:41 14 Feb 2009

My firm pay for mine

  The Brigadier 16:29 14 Feb 2009

Was this not bought in to regulate the industry & not have hired thugs as (bouncers) front of house staff?

  NewestRoyWidd1 16:49 14 Feb 2009

Nice one Terry Brown!Mine's up for renewal in August,so I'll be claiming the money back.

For The Brigadier;Yes it was,but there are many types of SIA licence,the main two are"front-line"which covers static guarding(ie the people you see on sites)and"door supervisor",which cover doorstaff.The door licence entitles the holders of those licences to also carry out guarding work,but holders of the front-line one can only do guarding duties.

  tullie 18:22 14 Feb 2009


  tullie 18:24 14 Feb 2009

Sorry abot that!As far as tax rebates go,dont think youget much anyway do you?

  Kaacee 19:51 14 Feb 2009

It is also a requirement for the most despised people working out there.......CLAMPERS........

  spuds 11:21 15 Feb 2009

Claiming tax refunds on 'tools of the trade' have been allowable for years. The only problem is the people running these schemes, they do not pass the information on.

Hasn't the SIA had a number of changes recently, regarding improvement to services ;o)

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