Second hand Ibook G4 for a cheap(ish) price?

  CMC 42 19:41 09 Dec 2005

Does anyone know where I could get an Ibook G4 for a cheap price second hand/refurbished ?

For the kind of money I'm thinking of spending it's likely to be quite an old one but I would like the OS to at least be Panther.

I've looked on Ebay but wondered whether there's anywhere slightly more reliable.

Thanks in advance.

  Joe R 20:06 09 Dec 2005

Doesn't seem to be a lot going, but, you could try these.
click here
click here
click here

  CMC 42 20:19 09 Dec 2005

Joe R - thanks for those but one is rather more expensive than I was hoping, the apple refurbished store is currently unavailable and the other doesn't have any ibooks only the more expensive powerbooks.

I was thinking of somewhere in the region of £250
I suppose ebay is my best bet then?

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