Seagate to acquire Maxtor

  anchor 15:57 24 Dec 2005
  pj123 16:25 24 Dec 2005

Hmmm. I never had much faith in Seagate but did with Maxtor. All my hard drives (6) are Maxtor.

Let's hope is doesn't go the same way as Morrison/Safeway. I liked Safeway but hated Morrison. Now I don't go to either.

  Pamy 16:32 24 Dec 2005

I agrea with pj123 regards Seagate and Maxtor, but am the opposite way round with Morrison/Safeway and go to Morrison. Funny old world.

  pj123 16:43 24 Dec 2005

Pamy, you have obviously got sharper elbows than me, or a bigger trolley?

  SG Atlantis® 16:49 24 Dec 2005

I don't like neither! worked in a safeway and quit, it's now an Asda. Shopped in Morrisons once whilst in England didn't like the feel of the place, Morrisons that is.

As with HDDS maxtors where always noisy and I have samsungs now which I like.

  Joe R 16:52 24 Dec 2005

have to agree with pj123,

I have always used Maxtor drives, in my own systems, but was rarely happy with Seagate ones.

  Pamy 16:57 24 Dec 2005

pj123, little woman, BIG elbows, small trolly

  Pamy 17:01 24 Dec 2005

pj123, try Morrisons Ipswich

  pj123 17:43 24 Dec 2005

Pamy, I have a perfectly good Morrisons in Norwich which I have been to only once. I don't like the layout. Everything is too close together and when you have 3 people with trolleys trying to get into the same space it is horrendous.

  Pamy 17:49 24 Dec 2005

thats why I said try Ipswich.

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