screen select rental dvds

  martd77 22:20 29 Apr 2006

Anyone else dealt with this company?I had a free 30 day trial with them watch as many dvds as i could in 30 days selected from their site,could order 2 at a time and when returned my next two would be dispatched,sounds good.
They have a system where you choose up to 50 dvds then the ones you want first are prioritised,only four of the new ones did i want so these were prioritised,they were never sent to me over the thirty day period but selections of the other dvds in my account were,when i complained i was told the dvds were not sent due to availability of stock!!!
In my last week i was sent a mail saying two discs(my priorities)were despatched april 24th,seeing as my trial ended on 29th i was eager to watch the films and return them before the 29th,as of yet the dvds havent turned up,so i cancelled the account and informed them the dvds had not arrived,the answer i got was that if they were not returned before the 29th i would have a fee to pay.
I am waiting to hear back again

  Skills 22:26 29 Apr 2006

I personally havent but a member of my family does. He like you said that he rarely recives new releases or those high on his list but he is quite happy with them.

I do think its unfair that they sent out disks 5 days before your free trail ended and personally would argue the fact with them.

  spuds 12:18 30 Apr 2006

Like a number of these 'clubs', their trading terms and conditions have to be strictly noted, as it is easy to fall in the 'unexpected'.

Contact Consumer Direct click here for advice, before you start receiving legal letters, asking for prompt payment.

  pj123 12:23 30 Apr 2006

I haven't used this service. You say you have a 30 day free trial but this is what I found from their site.

"Our free trial lasts up to 21 days and consists of 5 FREE DVD rentals. Your trial period expires at the end of the 21 days, or upon your sixth rental, whichever occurs first. At this point, your first month's subscription will be debited"

I use Amazon DVD rentals and get 3 DVDs a month for £5.99. My list is prioritised and I do get them in my order of selection.

  hzhzhz 12:25 30 Apr 2006

Personally, I avoid such deals as this like the plague.

  rmcqua 19:36 30 Apr 2006

click here
I have used this DVD rental company and found them very good.

  martd77 09:22 01 May 2006

pj123 i had a promo code from a magazine which offered unlimited dvds in 30days,seemed too good to be true,cancellation looked easy and was,whats naffed it up is they sent 2 dvds five days before the end of the trial which would have been enough time to watch,return an cancel but the dvds never turned up and that i was cancelling i received mail telling me the dvds needed returning even though i had had them.
Late sat i received mail telling me i was required to complete a claim form against the post office for screen select to claim the money for the missing goods,hopefully ill not have to pay.

  pj123 10:48 01 May 2006

Sorry, I stand corrected.

Apart from that, I don't think it is up to you (the recipient) to claim from the Post Office for lost/non delivery. It is up to the sender to do that.

  spuds 11:15 01 May 2006

Keep a careful eye on this one, as these type of clubs can try to put all responsibility and pressures on customers. It is the responsibility of the company to make a claim against Royal Mail for non-delivery of goods, you should only confirm (if required) that you have not received the goods.If you start assuming responsibility then all sorts of unforeseen problem may occur.Send a strong but polite letter to the company, expressing that you had not received the goods within the trial period, and as such, you regard the contract terminated.

Do you sign for the goods on arrival, like recorded delivery. If so, then your concern would be limited to a non signed for delivery perhaps!.

  pj123 13:28 01 May 2006

spuds, has put it a bit better than I did.

With Amazon DVD rentals I don't sign for delivery. It just comes through the door like any other letter. I do get an email telling me it has been sent though, so I am expecting it.

  martd77 13:48 01 May 2006

No dont sign for the dvds,they just come normal post the day after i receive mail telling me they have been despatched,apart from the last week that is!
Had mail today which states a bit more clearly:

"The details of this lost disc will be sent to Royal Mail as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our customers receive the discs dispatched to them.

The Royal Mail will write to you separately to confirm the loss that you reported, asking you to complete a P91 form. We expect this form to arrive by the 22/05/2006. Upon receipt you will have 10 days to respond. If you do not receive this form from Royal Mail by 22/05/2006 please be sure to contact our Recovery department.

If you do not want to respond to Royal Mail's enquiry please be aware that we will deduct £20 from your account. Please note that when you signed up to our service you agreed to our Terms & Conditions, specifically that you would cooperate with our procedures or bear the charge yourself.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance for your cooperation."

hopefully i will not get charged now

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