screen failure, replacements "out of stock"

  richierich 14:01 24 Apr 2005

bought a nice tft monitor in november, went wrong a couple of weeks ago. I phoned the dealer, they said I should phone the the warranty number which I did and they said they would replace it as soon as they had them in stock.
Been waiting nearly 2 weeks and have been told they are still out of stock.
Question, how long should I give them and should I just take it back to the retailor for a refund or replacement

  Forum Editor 14:31 24 Apr 2005

under the terms of the sale of goods act, and in this case you should contact them to discuss the way forward. If the monitor is beyond repair you'll be entitled to a replacement, but of course the retailer may not have that model in stock - in which case it must come from the manufacturer.

In practice, most retailers refer you directly to the manufacturers in the case of monitor problems, because they (retailers) don't have any way of making repairs. The monitor will be covered by the manufacturers' warranty anyway, and in many cases they'll deal directly with you. Your first recourse is to the retailer however, and the sooner you make that approach the better.

  richierich 14:40 24 Apr 2005

I initially contacted the retailor whos put me on to the manufacturer who agreed to replace it but they were and still are out of stock.
Should I insist on the retailor refunding me or supplying an alternative (obviously they will not be keen to do this) but how long should i have to wait for a replacement.

  Forum Editor 15:14 24 Apr 2005

there's little they can do, apart from asking you to wait until new stock is available. You have agreed with the retailer that you would deal with the manufacturer, and two weeks would not be considered an excessive time to wait.

Can you not ask the manufacturer to give you a delivery forecast? If they want you to wait much longer I feel you would be justified in asking for an alternative monitor - equal to, or better than the original.

  Stuartli 15:19 24 Apr 2005

If the manufacturer or its representative is unable to provide a replacement (the model might have been changed since you bought it), you should be entitled to receive an equivalent or superior model as compensation.

You should also ensure that the warranty period is extended by the amount of time you have been without your monitor.

  Stuartli 15:20 24 Apr 2005

Oops! FE posted as I typed...:-(

  oresome 19:09 24 Apr 2005

"and two weeks would not be considered an excessive time to wait."

Two weeks without the computer! Not excessive!

To use a northern phrase, I'm gobsmacked.

  Pooke100 20:48 24 Apr 2005


F.E. How long would you wait?

I had problems with my tft monitor, the retailer told me they had stock to replace it, then they didn't, then they said no to a replacement etc etc.

To cut the story short they messed me about for five days in all, I was furious, kept a cool head though, and told them I was talking to a legal friend. Within an hour they phoned back and I got my nice new monitor.

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Any longer,they are mucking you about and/or trying to renage on their obligations.Are we talking large retailer or small shop here? Whichever it is I suggest that tomorrow you tell them that you will not accept the situation any longer and if they do not provide a replacement immediately you are taking legal action.

As pointed out by FE it is the shop you bought the monitor from who are liable and this is no way to treat their customers.I have worked in retail for 35 years and I know that sometimes the manufacturer will take over the problems but legally it is the ultimate responsibility of the shop.

  spuds 22:11 24 Apr 2005

Contact the company that stated that they were out of stock, and ask for a date when stock should be expected. If it seems excessive, go back to the retailer and ask for a refund or another monitor 'equivalent to, or better than' the model you have. Your rights click here

I would also check, that the manufacturer may replace your faulty monitor with a refurbished unit. Would you be satisfied with this!.

  richierich 08:35 25 Apr 2005

The retailor is a small retailor, i have dealt with them before and had problems so i should have learnt my lesson, but i thought that dealing with the manufacturer would be better.
The manufacturer WONT give me a definate date for exchange. I think i will take it back too the shop.

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