Scottish Power customers Take Note!

  Autoschediastic 16:21 07 Jun 2011

Glad i am not with them! but in the same breathe other companies will follow suit but for now we are safe, Interesting story i was ready yesterday and if i find the link il post it,

About WHY when the price of a barrel of oil goes down is it that the price of petrol still stays high in the forecourts? and why does the energy companies keep their prices high when there is a window open for them to reduce them?

In fact the price of energy in the uk is becoming daylight robbery but we cant do a lot to stop them?

Scottish power customers are soon to be hit with a Massive 19% increase on gas and 10% on electricity!! Thats a very large increase to take in one go so if you use SP for your gas and electricity you will be getting a 28% increase overall?


  Autoschediastic 16:59 07 Jun 2011

i stand corrected guys! its still a hefty increase just the same eh..

  lotvic 17:55 07 Jun 2011

If a customer gets both gas and electric from SP:

Would anyone care to explain how you get the increases to less than 29% more to pay, please?

  iambeavis 18:08 07 Jun 2011

lotvic Old price for gas - £100 New price - £119

Old price for Electricity - £100 New price - £110

Overall old price - £200 Overall new price - £229

£29 = 14.5% of£200

  Forum Editor 18:09 07 Jun 2011

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  lotvic 18:27 07 Jun 2011

iambeavis Yep, that's how I did it too. 19+10=29 so 29/2=14.5%

I just wondered why t'others hadn't given an exact percentage for customers who got both gas and electric from SP.

  Grey Goo 20:56 07 Jun 2011

Depends on how your usage ratios are.

  Picklefactory 13:06 08 Jun 2011

Grey Goo

Exactly. I've been with SP for a good few years now, they were one of the cheapest, which is why I joined them initially from British Gas, but after already getting a 10% hike (Approx, I forget exactly) earlier this year, this further one has seen me switch. My monthly bill with SP for gas and electricity combined, was around £95/mth a year or so ago, I'm currently at £125/mth after the earlier hike, and this hike would take me to around £140/mth based on my usage mix of gas to electricity. I've just switched to a fixed tariff which should take me back down to about £107 or so. At least, I hope I've switched, only did it this morning, so not as yet confirmed from the new supplier (EDF).

  woodchip 19:00 08 Jun 2011

I have been with SP for a good few years, just tried a venture out for about 9 to ten months to Southern Electric, What a Mess and cost me a arm and a Leg. could not wait to get back to SP, have been paying £70 a month Dual Fuel DD, Phoned this afternoon took a long while to get through but Went onto there Platinum service cost £10 more so its gone up to £80 month and my house is 80Ft long 200 years old solid walls, this is a big old house. The above new Tariff Service covers Boiler Cover any number of call outs, plus yearly check and Updated Prices till Jan 2014

  woodchip 19:02 08 Jun 2011

The above is a Fixed Price tariff

  proudfoot 15:18 09 Jun 2011

I went on to their Dec2012 tarrif 6 months ago just prior to the previous increse as my old tarrif was about to run out. What annoys me is i cannot take advantage of dual fuel tarrifs as I do not have access to gas and have to rely on oil for heating and of course the retail price of oil never comes down in price. At least I am Ok for the next 18 months but will see a big hike when my tarrif period expires.

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