Scart Switching Boxes.

  SEASHANTY 16:16 16 Jan 2004

Our local Index Catalogue has now restocked with those excellent TAMASHI metal scart switchboxes Cat. No. 551 235 so there must have been a new delivery from China. These cost £9-25 and allow you to connect FREEVIEW STB, VCR, DVD etc and they also have RGB facility. Strong robust switches which will not break easily. They must sell a heck of a lot because they have them just behind the counter at the pickup point. The Argos catalogue 5 scart switches Cat No. 534 1922 for £19-99 do not have all the wires connected. Says in the catalogue all 21 pins connected but when you get to the purchase point a message comes up on the till PC advising that ALL pins are not connected. I have been told that this info will be promulgated in the new catalogue.

  Forum Editor 17:39 16 Jan 2004

I've been after a couple of these for ages - just ordered by phone, delivery Tuesday. You've made my day.

  Stuartli 17:41 16 Jan 2004

Why not just say published and then most people will understand what you mean...:-)

But it's a good price for a switching box.

  SEASHANTY 19:26 16 Jan 2004

I've been dying to use that word for ages. Its so that users will get more out of the internet by looking it up!

  ©®@$? 22:18 16 Jan 2004

what does published mean

  Demora 23:59 16 Jan 2004


I bought one of these efforts in Maplins and I had to take it didn't say all connected or not anywhere in the store or on the box it came in BUT it didn't work and I'll be going to Index for mine if they're that good.



  Stuartli 10:16 17 Jan 2004

Thought you'd swallowed a dictionary....:-)

  SEASHANTY 12:16 17 Jan 2004

If only..... No hope. I put a stack of books out for the charity shop and must have given away my one and only dictionary. Think Encarta has one and I do have a few unused old copies of Encarta. Can't be bothered installing it. Now having to use two of these boxes - one connected to the other. Trying to use a set up with three VCR's, two Freeview STB's,
the LG 28" TV, Panasonic E60 DVD recorder plus another multiregion DVD player is becoming, to say the least, quite complicated.
click here

  MidgetMan 12:27 17 Jan 2004

Very interesting site, now if only it could tell me how to get the tv to use the dvd surround sound so that i can get constant surround sound instead of only when I play a dvd!! lol

Had the aerial guys round this morning to put a new swith box on the mast, and even they are baffled as to how it can be done!!.

  Forum Editor 12:59 17 Jan 2004

Tell me about it.

For two years I've been trying to find a foolproof way of connecting my Sony TV, DVD player and VHS to my Sony HiFi system, so that I can have sound from the HiFi speaker system.

I can get one, or the other, but if this one works that one doesn't - it's a nightmare,and I'm swamped in SCART leads. I'm hoping that this switchbox might go some way towards a solution at least.Any audio-visual experts out there? You would make me a hero in my own house if you can come up with an answer that doesn't involve faffing around with a couple of remote controllers every time.

My apologies SEASHANTY, I'm shamelessly hijacking your thread. It's your own fault for raising my hopes.

  Sir Radfordin 15:28 17 Jan 2004

Surely you are only going to get true surround sound when you are going through a surround sound amp???

Some DVD players on the market have the amp built in, others just have audio out.

To get the sound from the TV/DVD/VIDEO into the HiFI would require the HiFi's amp to have 3 AUX inputs. Most of the ones I've seen don't. Looking at the switch box photo my mind suggests you would be able to split the Scart output into L/R phono and feed that to the AUX on the amp. That would then feed sound from the selected source on the switch box. The problem with that is you wouldn't get the output from the TV, unless there is a pass through to take the L/R from the TV to the swtich and back out to the amp!

You could always buy a small mixing desk and do it that way :)

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