Muzziad 14:39 05 Mar 2003

I spent over £2,000 with them last week on components for a self build. System built and up and running.

However, problems with the RAM. The Asus A7N8X is notorious for compatibility problems. I got two sticks of 512mb DDR, different makes. The system won't function properly with both (error messages when trying to run games etc). But, everything works fine with just one stick in. At first i thoght it might be a graphics card problem but tried it with two, one ATI one NVidia, and still the same.
Drivers updated, BIOS updated etc etc so i am certain it's memory.

Can i get any customer/technical support?? Can i hell. Just spent over an hour in a queue then the phone went dead. Cutt off or what i don't know. They were quick and efficient enough when taking the money and the order last week.

I'm of a mind to reject the whole damned lot.

  two00lbwaster 19:43 05 Mar 2003

well if you are with in the 7 days for a return then i would do that and go to crucials site and order some memory from them as their prices have just dropped and they do free delivary.

or if you explain about the incompatibility they might consider a refund outside this period

  Stuartli 19:49 05 Mar 2003

Have you e-mailed Scan? Might be better than hanging on to a phone.

If you are near enough to visit them (rear of Bolton Wanderers' Reebok Stadium) then it will be quicker and easier to swap the memory.

  BigMoFoT 19:53 05 Mar 2003

They should have advised against compatability with Asus boards and memory - I had the same issue with an Asus A7V33 but they informed me when I placed the order, I had to buy some Corsair XMS!

  Stuartli 20:09 05 Mar 2003

If the order is placed on-line Scan's packers will merely assemble and despatch the order - a telephone sales contact would probably be wise to the problem.

  Muzziad 10:10 11 Mar 2003

i did speak to a telephone sales operator when i originally placed the order. i asked if he could have a brief check when i had finished ordering for incompatibility and to see if i had missed anything out. he said everything seemed okay.

anyway, after finally waiting for over 2 hours on the phone (this after a promised call back did not materialise) i was finally told
'oh, we only recommend Corsair RAM for that board' so i ordered a 512mb stick as replacement.
original RAM was RMA'd. given their history, a guy at the desk opposite me at work had to wait over 2 months for a refund recently, i don't expect to see any money back until at least May.

one final thing, when i did finally get to speak to someone about this, i referred to the near 2 hour wait for support while sales answer within a minute. their response..... (verbatim)
'all companies are like that'

not in my experience.

  fitcher 21:17 13 Mar 2003

I now try and conntact any firm I wish to buy from .if I have difficulty I dont buy.some use a box no( ie ebuyer ) others say the vendor has the right to upwards price the item shown on add .others make it hard to phone in to .some stop counter sales.(dabbs). all to make it harder to return goods ....lets hope all firms dont turn to the internet to trade .and do not realise how they can discourage customers returns

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