Sebby 18:55 05 Oct 2007

On Sunday 30 September I ordered the components to build my new computer from Scan. Everything was showing as in stock; had it not have been, I would have changed my choices.

When I ordered, I was given a choice of delivery dates. I chose Friday (today) as I knew someone would be in to take delivery all day.

Last night, at just after 8pm, I received an email from Scan to say that due to unexpected volumes in their warehouse my order had been delayed and wouldn't in fact be delivered on my requested delivery date. It gave no indication of when it might be received.

I sent an email, and received a response this morning. It was in fact nothing to do with "unexpected volumes in the warehouse", but rather one of the items was out of stock with no lead date. So, I replied, asking why no one got in touch with me on Monday about this, and also to say that it was in stock when I ordered. I asked for another (albeit slightly more expensive component as this was the only comparable alternative) at no extra cost. They wouldn't do this, and instead of me cancelling the whole order (I knew it would only upset me and not them in the long run!) I agreed to pay the extra, on the condition that they got the order delivered to me for tomorrow, which they agreed.

I just tracked my order with City Link and the delivery is scheduled for Monday. A call to City Link confirmed this. I can't even collect tomorrow (something about security locks, according to the lady).

I'm extremely annoyed with Scan. Okay, it'll only be a few days late, but not only was I looking forward to building it this weekend, but I also had this weekend spare. Why didn't someone contact me early in the week when my order was processed? I shan't order from them again. Not that this will hurt them, but they don't deserve my money.

Very angry. :-(

  citadel 19:06 05 Oct 2007

They must be doing something right as they have just won retailer of the year award. voted for by readers of custom pc mag.

  smokingbeagle 19:08 05 Oct 2007

Don't be surprised if they claim that City Link tried to deliver on Saturday and "carded" you because there was no one available to take delivery. I've had very similar treatment from them and Dabs.
No such problems with eBuyer and Novatech. Yet.

  Sebby 19:13 05 Oct 2007

Well I spoke to City Link and they said there isn't even a possibility of it being delivered tomorrow.

  Stuartli 19:06 07 Oct 2007

I deal with Scan a great deal - it's an excellent company and normally keeps you fully up to date with the progress of an order.

After placing my last order online, I discovered about two hours later that I had missed an important item off it.

A quick phone call to the customer department brought the assistance of a very friendly young lady, who immediately added the item for me and sent an e-mail confirming it.

  Forum Editor 19:39 07 Oct 2007

than happily contemplating the arrival of some new hardware, only to have the pleasure snatched away at the 11th hour. It results in an unusual level of irritation, and the sheer frustration of knowing that there's little if anything that you can do about it. We see such frustrations being aired here all the time, and I've been there myself.

I'm not for a moment trying to trivialise your complaint, but perhaps on Monday, when the goods arrive safely you'll feel a little better. CityLink has a pretty good reputation for reliability - they are regular callers at my office - and I'm sure they'll turn up as promised. All couriers are under a good deal of extra pressure at the moment because companies like Amazon which normally use postal delivery services have switched to the couriers in order to safeguard their businesses. All couriers are getting a share of the Amazon business, and it's huge.

  Sebby 19:51 07 Oct 2007

You're absolutely right, Forum Editor. I already feel a lot less irritated by it.

But I still think it's bad practice not to have contacted me early in the week when they knew one of the items was out of stock, rather than leaving it until Thursday night (well out of office hours) at which point nothing could be done, sending me an incorrect and generic email. I could have simply chosen another product earlier in the week and had my order fulfilled when it was supposed to be.

Further, I think it was worse of them to promise me Saturday delivery, blatantly knowing they weren't actually going to fulfill that, but telling me they would just so I wouldn't have cancelled the whole order. I think this is what made it significantly worse as I still had hopes of building over the weekend.

Still, tomorrow it will arrive and it will be mostly forgotten, though I'll think twice about ordering from Scan and will order from someone else that I have done so many times without a hitch (e.g. eBuyer). It's just a bit annoying that I am very busy for the next 2 weeks and won't get much time to build.

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