Scan should be called Scam!

  ghostofmaxwell 20:00 14 Jan 2008

I've had one of my worst online experiences with these con merchants ever.

I bought the components for a self-built just before Christmas and the memory cpu and motherboard were all dead on arrival. after several correspondents with them I have been told to return the components at my expanse and take a 25% restoking fee as the packaging is not in the condition it arrived in, this is despite the faults. I got angry about this on hexus forums and they have got my posts removed and I am now left with a £450 paper weight.

Please dont listen to the good things said about scan as they clearly influence 3rd patty sites remove any complaints said about their appalling customer service and leave the praise from a few satisfied customers if you ask me.

  sean-278262 22:12 14 Jan 2008

Call trading standards about the topic. Your rights as a consumer under the sale of goods act still apply if the items were new as you paid for working items. The law states that you cannot be held responsible for restocking fees they incur. As I said call trading standards and make a case. Otherwise £20 odd and file in the small claims court.

  citadel 22:17 14 Jan 2008

If the stuff is doa you must be abe to get your money back. I sent a graphics card back for testing and it was found to be ok and they picked it up and sent it back by city-link and there was no charge.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 14 Jan 2008

To have 3 things doa is a remarkable coincidence, don't you think?


  Stuartli 23:22 14 Jan 2008

I've been dealing with Scan for at least 15 years - it has always provided first class delivery and after sales service.

What's more I'm just one of many I know who have dealt with the company over many years.

  Devil Fish 01:14 15 Jan 2008

with GANDALF <|:-)> on this one (a rarity indeed )

in 15 years of putting machines together both privately and commercially i have never experienced 3 faulty components in one go

if you used the same demeanour with scan as you have in your post its little wonder you are having problems
and if you used the same demeanour on other boards you were probably kicked to cover themselves legally

as have many other forum user i have used scan on many occasions and have never had reason to complain about their products or after sales service and have recommended them on many occasions to friends and family

you may have caught them on a bad service day happens to the best of them but labelling them con merchants won't help your cause

research your rights click here
be firm but be polite when putting them across if that bears no fruit contact trading standards

  ghostofmaxwell 02:09 15 Jan 2008

I was more than respectful to them. What is with this "they pick it up with city link"? They wont do that with me. Whats more they demand it be posted in the original large outer box.

Why am I the only only one to get treated like a muppet?

  Pine Man 09:01 15 Jan 2008

'Why am I the only only one to get treated like a muppet?'

  sunny staines 09:20 15 Jan 2008

only used once last year, good all round service.

  jolorna 14:34 15 Jan 2008

your posts on the hexus forum isn't removed click here to read it

  Pine Man 14:53 15 Jan 2008

That is an excellent link and confirms my views as to why ghostofmaxwell got treated like a muppet!

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