Scan - credit card authorisation advice please

  Spook Tooth 10:55 07 Apr 2003

Just need to know if it is within a company's rights to seek for reauthorisation of credit card payment for an order declined (by cc company) once already?

Ordered from Scan 28th March and had notice payment for the order had not been authorised. I cleared funds the next day, and thought I would reorder again sometime later in the next week or so, and on Saturday, at the point of which I received an email late in the afternoon confirming payment had been authorised, I cancelled the order - this was before any email had been sent to say the goods were at the picking stage even, let alone dispatch.

Monday morning, as it is and 10:38am, and the goods are winging there way to me by courier deliver. Is this allowable practise? And as I wish to reject the goods, am I entitled to do so and effectively tell the couriers to return the goods back to Scan at no charge to myself?

What's the best way in dealing with this? It is rather urgent - thanks. Smiffy???

  theone 11:08 07 Apr 2003


I had a similar problem last month. The order was declined, but 3 weeks later it was on it's way. I rang Scan and spoke with Roxanne on the helpdesk. It's an autoresponse by their ordering system, I'd ring up and confirm the order has been cancelled.


  AragornUK 11:09 07 Apr 2003

Probably not much help, but I know some companies do this. They assume you'll attempt to make funds available and have another go at the authorisation. Don't know if it's 'acceptable practice' just that it is done.

On another note, if you're planning to reorder anyway, why reject the goods - I'm just being picky, but humour me :o)

  Brian-336451 11:11 07 Apr 2003

Your Credit Card company, customer care


Citizen's Advice Bureau



Tell the retailer what you've done and what you want, in writing (email if you want and follow it up with a letter - with a copy of the email).

'Record' all phonecalls (write down who you speak to and when - with the gist of the conversation). Names/dates/time/content are invaluable if it goes to Law.

Most companys will 'back off' if they see you are doing it 'right'.

  Spook Tooth 13:50 07 Apr 2003

According to Barclaycard it is an acceptable practice to reactivate an order but I am in the dark as to which legislation is relevant or how it works for protecting consumers buying over the internet, like myself, who may be caught out unawares. Anyway, I think it is a period up to a maximum of one month that a company can re-authorise payment for an order in this manner. Companies can alter their own Ts and Cs accordingly within this time period, and Scan themselves have stated to me that they allow for a maximum of 7 days to reissue such a payment. 8 calendar days had elapsed in this instance for me; it was unclear to the customer service representative also, if Scan’s T and Cs allowed for 7 working days or calendar days.

I almost reordered in the week thinking the first order had expired, and was grateful I didn't go ahead and add that extra item to the new order as I intended. What a mess that will have been. I was hoping that either the cancellation request I made over at Scan’s web site on Saturday (5.30ish) would have provided sufficient notice to have stopped the order from being processed any further or that telephoning this morning will have done the job. 9.21am, was when the first email arrived informing me that the cancellation request from Saturday had failed, and by 10.38am a second email had arrived informing me the goods had been dispatched and verified for arrival tomorrow.

The order was in comparison a minor matter though not trivial to me in that I wished to save from not having to pay twice the delivery charges, and to be informed that I would under Scan’s Terms and Conditions, be liable for paying the delivery charge in event of returning the goods (not insubstantial for myself).

Not that pedantic I would make such a fuss for just one cable (although it was a SATA 9 power cable elsewhere unavailable at that time ordered), promise – and that’s the trouble with ordering at some online websites who use courier delivery only, it just makes tight gits like me save up their purchases till they can factor in the delivery charge £11.75 being a little steep for a cable costing £2.95).

click here for an example of how ironic life can be sometimes.

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