Scan Computers: Memory woe's

  Knight_Yellow 22:26 12 Aug 2007


Im currently at my wits end and im honestly looking for advice on what i should do regarding a set of memory i bought from Scan's online site in november 06.

Ill give you a run down of what has happened so far.

November 2006:

I decide to build a new computer, one that will handle DX10 and play pretty much everything at maximum settings.

I order the various parts from several retailers, mainly on who was offering the best deal... Overclockers, Dabs, Scan etc...

I ended up with a pretty good rig,

Evga 680i motherboard
E6700 core 2
Evga 8800gtx 768mb
2x1gb sticks of Corsair dominator ddr2 memory
Enermax galaxy 1Kw PS
Mozart XT case

And for the 8 months that followed the rig ran perfectly, I even put another 8800gtx in the machine and bought a 22" samsung monitor, Again no problems.

July 2007:

Then one morning i boot up my computer (Football manager 07 was calling for me) and that is when everything fell apart.

I switched the PC on and there is no signal at all reaching my Monitor, the computer then starts to beep intermitantly and i open up my case to see that my 680i motherboard has a "C1" error code in its LED display.

I looked at the MB's manual and the C1 code stands for "base memory fault".

To confirm that the memory was indeed the fault hanging the computer i exchanged it for 4x512mb sticks from my old machine (sticks that i knew to be working), and hey presto the Computer boots up with no problems at all, i then took the Scan memory and put it in my Dads rig and it got the same problems as mine... refusal to start up and a beeping sound every 2-3 seconds.

I go to Scans Website and start an RMA, i am told to mail the memory back to them and that they would test it and refund/replace the memory.

Sounds great right?

About 2 days later the memory arrives at their depot and they test it and email me the results

"Current status of your RMA: Items Tested, No Fault Found

We can confirm your returned goods have now been tested by our technicians and found to contain No Fault, please contact our returns staff for assistance"

So i contacted the returns staff that very day via email and told them exactly what had happened and that there is no way the memory is working as both me my dad (who is a qualified tech) and my motherboard all agreed the memory was humped.

3 days later i get this

"Hi, the engineer who tested the memory simply plugged it into his test bench which booted fine, the RAM fully passed memtest without any issues.

Regards, Scan Computers"

So i emailed them again, explaining even further why the memory could not possibly be working... and that i wanted to be informed of what was happening and what was to be done.

The next day i get this:

"With regards to rma *******, are you able to confirm how long you tested the memory for, or was it on a loop?

Regards, Scan Computers"

I reply for what seems like the 20th time detailing exactly what happened.

6 days later and i still had not recieved a reply so i emailed them asking for an update.

"Sorry for the delay in replying, we have tested this memory for longer and more thoroughly but we still have found no fault, a post test is not a true reflection of a memory fault. We are sending the memory back to your self free of charge, we would advise trying this in your system again, and running a program called memtest on the memory to confirm that it is not faulty."

Anyhow i recieved the memory on friday (along with my new 2gb that i ordered from Overclockers since i just knew that scans was not going to work).

I plug the "tested" and working perfectly fine memory into 2 seperate machines and they both refuse to start.

My dad then replaced 2 of the 4 512mb sticks from his machine with the faulty Scan sticks. The computer actualy booted. (surely that cannot be considered as wokring fine?)

Since its the weekend ive decided to seek advice online (before the innevitable shouting match im going to have on monday when i inform them of their great memory).

And with that i find myself signing up here and asking for that very advice.

What should i do?

  harps1h 23:10 12 Aug 2007

my advise would be to install each stick on its' own and restart the computer. it could be just the one stick which is faulty and that would explain why 2 would work in another machine. you don't seem to have tried that. testing separately would help.

  spuds 23:33 12 Aug 2007

Have you got a local friendly computer repair person/shop, who could test the memory for you. This will then give an independent result.

  Knight_Yellow 00:31 13 Aug 2007

Realisticly there isnt a local retailer who would be considered as official or reliable in terms of vouching for a products reliability.

I will try the seperate sticks test and see if it is just one stick.

But surely Scan would have noticed that if they had extensively tested the memory?

I mean, there is no possible way that the memory (wich was sold together in 1 kit) could be described as fine if a computer refuses to start unless you put memory that actualy passes the POST in as well.

  Stuartli 16:07 13 Aug 2007

The memory has been working, it would appear, for eight months.

I've bought many an item from Scan, both online and personally, and the only time I had any problems with a product was a Chaintech mobo.

It wasn't working when delivered and I returned it to have it checked. Scan agreed it was faulty and replaced it.

This also proved to be faulty, so I called personally. The technician pronounced a faulty verdict and replaced it with a third example, which he thoroughly checked before I left.

I've always found Scan, one of a number of online retailers I've dealt with along with many members of friends and family over many years, to be excellent to deal with.

  Knight_Yellow 20:10 13 Aug 2007

Im not disputing that it was working, and im not trying to start some "lets slag scan" movement, im asking why Scan are seemingly blind.

  Colin 21:43 13 Aug 2007

There's no doubt that the memory doesn't work in the PC's you have put it in and I'm sure it works when Scan test it. Why would they say it does when it doesn't? It's probably cost them more in time & effort than the memory cost. This highlights the problem of buying online - returning faulty goods can turn into a nightmare. I can't suggest a solution apart from cutting your losses.

  Knight_Yellow 03:29 14 Aug 2007

Normaly i would but £250 is a bit too much to let go.

  PP321 07:54 14 Aug 2007

You paid 250 quid for memory?!?!?!

  Stuartli 08:38 14 Aug 2007

That particular Corsair memory isn't cheap.

  Knight_Yellow 17:33 14 Aug 2007

Yip, £250 and when it was working i was more than happy with the performance vs. price... ive emailed Scan with the latest update on this and im waiting to hear back from them.

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