Scan Are Teasing Me

  tbh72 19:38 19 Feb 2003

I am pulling my hair out waiting for scan click here to bring back their Cherry keyboard offer..... To add insult to injury they have a Logitech keyboard & mouse offer today!!!!

Some on scan sort it out, give me my deal!!!

  Elrond 19:48 19 Feb 2003

what was the original Cherry offer?

  tbh72 19:52 19 Feb 2003

Cherry 84-4100 (Black) £31.50, it's currently priced £36.00. It's alot of money for a keyboard I have never been this brave & would be happier at the cheaper price, you know just incase....!!!

  tbh72 19:55 19 Feb 2003

Sorry, that should have been Cherry G84-4100

  Elrond 19:58 19 Feb 2003

Is there anything in particular that makes you want this keyboard? I just got myself a Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard & Intellimouse bundle £22.98 inc VAT. Absolute bargain.

  tbh72 20:00 19 Feb 2003

Size!!! It's absolutely tiny & I just want one

  leo49 20:10 19 Feb 2003

Where was that from - my Natural Pro's getting a bit tatty and could do with a replacement.


  Stuartli 21:53 19 Feb 2003

You can buy the Typhoon Navigator keyboard equivalent (or rebadged as a Trust) for £19.99 including the mouse.

I'm using both at this very moment.

  Elrond 10:17 20 Feb 2003

click here.

Excellent keyboard, and mouse is optical too. All for the price stated above.

  Kyomii 10:27 20 Feb 2003

Mouse isn't optical according to CCL's webpage - its just the standard intellimouse. (with a ball ;) )

The MS optical mice are expensive - cheapest I have seen for their optical is £20 but the MS intelli keyboard/mouse bundles are between £15 and £22 (online) so its about right

  Elrond 10:32 20 Feb 2003

Sorry but the mouse is very optical and definately missing a ball.

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