Scam email from spuriousRoyal Bank of Scotland

  dunderheid 12:28 29 Jul 2007

Has anybody else received an email purporting to have come from RBS asking for all sorts of details including password anc customer account number etc?

  €dstowe 13:00 29 Jul 2007

These thing abound from all sorts of "banks".

Just delete them, no point in telling the banks concerned as they've heard it all before.

NEVER reply to the emails.

  bremner 13:07 29 Jul 2007

Apparently I have accounts with virtually every Bank and Building Society. All of whom want me to confirm my account and pin numbers with them on line.

dunderheid if this is the first you have ever received you are lucky, but I can almost certainly assure you it will not be the last.

  Stuartli 13:14 29 Jul 2007

I would suggest the majority of forum members have had such e-mails and immediately deleted them.

I'm even informed that there's a very well paid job awaiting me right now in a major car showroom; trouble is that it's in Sydney...:-)

  €dstowe 13:20 29 Jul 2007

That car salesman's job is mine, not yours. They email be everyday - sometimes more than once - about it.

  Tigertops 13:40 29 Jul 2007

Yes I have had several RBS type scam emails. I always froward them to the Bank as it might just make them do something. Banks are by nature lazy--our money comes to them too easily --so annoying them with forwarding these scams a) makes me feel better and b) might just waken them up. I get particularly p--d off that they don't bother to say 'thanks' but that is big business for you.

  tullie 15:50 29 Jul 2007

Never had one

  Stuartli 15:57 29 Jul 2007

It's yours then - if you can raise the fare.

I generously turned it down some time ago...:-)

  Stuartli 15:59 29 Jul 2007

If you do online banking you'll find that virtually every financial institution provides clear warnings about scam e-mails on its home page.

  leveblue 22:40 29 Jul 2007

They also pick up your email address from ebay and paypal and send out bogus emails purporting to be from these sites. Do not respond to these emails even if registered with these sites. Log on to the site and access the messages section of “my ebay” to ensure that received emails are genuine.

If they get your details they will use them to trade with.

  Stuartli 22:53 29 Jul 2007

You can immediately tell a genuine e-bay or PayPal e-mail from a fake the second it hits your Inbox...:-)

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