jimmybond 10:13 22 Feb 2011

had a phone call from USA, from somebody claiming to work for these folks:

click here

offering to buy shares I own on behalf of a client, for a vastly superior price they're currently valued at, as they're interested in the 'patents' this company owns....

Scam I guess? Site looks dodgy, from the fact it's basically just 5 static pages to the first sentence about "everything in the universe of everything" or whatever it was! womdering how they got my details and the fact I own shares in said company.....

  jimmybond 12:21 22 Feb 2011

oh & now there's also the small matter of "both the buyer & seller need to place money into an 'insurance bond' to 'guarantee' the transaction :-) Have never heard of this before, when selling shares!?
Sounds like the classic "here's a big wad of money to tempt you in, you just need to give us this relatively small (but significant) sum of cash in order for everything to proceed....:-) then it's a case of 'so long and thanks for all the fish'.

Still wondering where they got my name & share ownership details from

  HondaMan 13:17 22 Feb 2011

Sounds a bit like the timeshare resales scam of a few years back in which I got caught.

Thank you for S.75!

  jimmybond 15:14 22 Feb 2011

I was busy when he called last night but the basic line was that my shares which are currently trading at 10p each - this mystery buyer is prepared to pay between £7 and £15 a share :-)

Think I might run with this when he phones back, for amusement value - "I've discussed with my financial advisor and we've analysed the patents you're client is interested in - we believe they're worth a lot more and we're only prepared to sell at £20 a share...." Can you confirm this is acceptable? Oh - and coincidentally we're both in New York on business this Friday, why don't we pop round to your offices and discuss in person....." :-)

  spuds 15:59 22 Feb 2011

"Where they got my name and share ownership details from".

Not all that difficult if there is a register for the shares. Failing that, there are many other methods, unless you are involved with a number of 'holding' companies, then things might become just a little more difficult.

  spuds 16:05 22 Feb 2011

Forgot to mention, you could perhaps contact the FSA or American equivalent, to see if there is a boiler house scam in the making?.

  jimmybond 16:36 22 Feb 2011

Thanks for info - yeah I'd looked at the FSA website, there's a form you can fill in & I've reported the above 'diversify portfolio management invest' company, so maybe they won't be trading throughout the entire universe for much longer....very tempting to wind the guy up when he calls back...."yes I'm sorry I only have quick access to £50,000 is that sufficient for your 'insurance bond'?...oh hang on a sec....sound of wii bowling strike in background....right sorry where were we...." :)

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