Is this a Scam

  woodchip 15:05 27 Jan 2011

A Indian rang today asking me to confirm my TalkTalk Details, though I am nearly 75 I told him no Details over the phone, That they already have these why do they want me to confirm by telling him first??? big Question. I did finally put the phone down on him as I told him if they want anything else to contact me by other means like E-Mail or Snail Mail

  961 15:41 27 Jan 2011


There's a new one along every minute

And you don't need go to India to find one

If TalkTalk really need to talk talk to you they'll no doubt get back to you. In the meanwhile you did exactly what I would have done

  jakimo 15:56 27 Jan 2011

It has to be a scam,a genuine Talk Talk operative who has your name and phone number would already have all your details on his monitor,and would read them back to you,and then ask for your comfirmation

  GaT7 16:14 27 Jan 2011

woodchip, did you note down the number it was coming from? And did they provide a specific reason for calling?


'....and would read them back to you,and then ask for your comfirmation'

No way any genuine caller is going to provide your info like that. How will they know they're speaking to the correct person?! Only by asking the person to confirm info about themselves. G

  woodchip 18:10 27 Jan 2011

I mailed TalkTalk

  spuds 18:11 27 Jan 2011

Perhaps its a scam or perhaps it isn't.

I had a similar call from Barclaycard late last year after contacting them about a problem. Apparently this is to do with the data protection act, and if the person they speaking to and are trying to contact is the correct person.

Likewise I put the phone down, because this particular person wanted details from me, before he would provide details about himself. Eventually I put it all down to a marketing exercise.

But having said, TalkTalk seem to do things in a strange way when trying to contact their subscribers. I had a recorded message from them, requesting that I contact them, or would the person receiving the recorded message pass the message on. Two days later, they disconnected my service, because apparently I had not paid last months bill (I am not alone on this billing saga).

woodchip...If you are at the end of your contract, then it might be likely that they are going to make a special offer (two months at a cheaper rate) so as to continue your service locked into another 18 month contract (they tried this with me).

  jack O'lantern 18:18 27 Jan 2011

asking for Me
I put the phone down - simplz
Do a 1471 and almost certainly there is no number to call back.
Calls from outside the UK seem to be able to bypass TPS.

  BT 08:21 28 Jan 2011

They don't bypass it they just ignore it as it can't be enforced from abroad.


Re the Barclays calls. We are constantly called by them. They always ask for my wife and when I tell them that she won't speak to them we have a long discussion as to why not. They always say they wish to discuss something regarding her account which she doesn't have - we have all joint accounts. I have even got a letter from the Customer Services Manager saying that we won't get any more of these calls and that a marker has been put on our file. When I mention this the usual reply is that they can't see the marker until I give them permission to access our accounts. So it seems a bit academic really. Last time they called after the usual discussions I asked to speak to a supervisor and was cut off.
Despite what they say they are trying to sell you something, often insurance.

  onthelimit 09:38 28 Jan 2011

I use TT for phone only - frequently get that Indian sounding gentleman, but he does always start with 'am I speaking to Mr H****'. I just say I don't take cold calls and put the phone down. Could well be genuine and trying to sell you an additional 'product'. as they seem to call everything these days.

  robin_x 22:56 29 Jan 2011

I do get genuine AOL sales calls from India.

They are trying to sell me AOL BB+Telephone package.

I always ask them to e-mail or send a letter with offer details.
They either put the phone down or say they cannot.
Some are nice and some are rude.

I worry about ageing on myself (I am 47 lol) but also family and indeed everyone.

You only need a touch of dementia and it would be so easy to be bamboozled into saying yes and handing over a debit/credit card number.

Applies to elec/gas/charities/and every supplier these days.

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