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  Condom 19:38 17 Sep 2011

Can anyone explain to me why Microsoft prevent you using so many "symbols and letters" when trying to use them when saving file names. By this I mean the inability to use ?, :, and many other letters. The one I have most problems with is the Question Mark as I often need to use it with song titles.

I'm sure there must be a logical explanation for this after 7 releases of their software but I'm damned if I can think of one.

  interzone55 19:58 17 Sep 2011

You have to remember that Windows isn't the only operating system, filenames have to follow the rules of all the various operating systems to ensure interoperability across systems.

The table on this page should help you out

  Forum Editor 23:23 17 Sep 2011

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  octal 23:40 17 Sep 2011

It's interesting, I can save files using those symbols in Linux or Unix, so it seems to be a Windows thing. The trouble is if I start using those symbols and send them to my Windows brethren they won't be able to open the files because Windows will probably question the file, even the AV software might start foaming at the mouth. I haven't tried it, anyone want to experiment? I'll send you a file :)

  interzone55 09:26 18 Sep 2011


That's why Windows prevents the use of Unix & MacOS reserved symbols in filenames, so files can be shared across all systems.

I have a feeling that the guys who manage the Linux Kernal are not quite so considerate.

Mind you, I seem to recall that Unix doesn't like spaces in file names, but Windows does allow them, which is why %20% is inserted in the spaces by webservers

  octal 11:18 18 Sep 2011

I don't have problems with spaces in file names.

The %20 is just a convention for coding URL's, because 20 the hex coding for a space is unsafe character, so % is inserted as the escape code for inserting 20. It normally happens when someone hasn't saved a web page properly by using a normal space between words, it's just laziness. If an underscore or a dash is used you won't get the %20 in the web address. It has nothing to do with Unix, Linux or Windows, it is just a convention in coding.

This site explains it quite well.

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