Save you money at Christmas?

  Graham. 23:01 22 Nov 2009

I note that many offers by supermarkets on TV and flyers through my heavily fortified letterbox actually state 'Offer ends this Sunday' or similar.

How can this save me money at Christmas as most of it is food? Do they think we are all daft?

I suggest, now is the time, when checkout ask if you want saving stamps, ask for a Christmas queue ticket, somewhere near the front.

  spuds 12:14 23 Nov 2009

When I saw the title I thought you had been to Poundland or somewhere similar. Twice last week I visited our local Poundland and PoundWorld, plus other similar discount houses, and all seemed to have their checkout staff and shelf stackers in a sweat, with the amount of purchases being made ;o))

  interzone55 13:07 23 Nov 2009

Don't you have a freezer?

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