Save UPTO £96.00 / year with Freeserve BB

  tbh72 15:18 14 Mar 2004

If you have been a Freeserve BB customer for more than 12 months you might be thinking of changing to a new provider due to the high costs of freeserve.

Having found a suitable replacement (£19.99 + £2.50 / Static IP) I followed their advice to terminate my agreement with Freeserve. The first step was to telephone Freeserve BB 0870 010 2462 / option 2 and request a CBUK code. I was asked which company I intended to migrate too and the monthly charge of the service to be provided. The customer service agent offered to match the price if I stayed with Freeserve. I agreed and received prompt e-mail comfirmation of my new futurePAY agreement of £19.99 per month.


  Forum Editor 15:28 14 Mar 2004

thanks Tony.

  georgemac 15:33 14 Mar 2004

just a pity for the other customers who are paying the full whack. Glad you have got a deal tbh but again smacks of double standards - if freeserve can still afford to supply the service at this price to one customer and make a profit - they surely would not do this at a loss - why can't everyone have the same deal? Why do you always have to leave to get a better deal?

rip off Britain continues?

  tbh72 15:46 14 Mar 2004

Georgemac, I hear you. I contacted Freeserve about 5 months ago requesting a reduction in my service charges. I explained to them that if other ISP's can provide BB at such a reduced cost why couldn't they reduce my payments.

Can you imagine my frustration when Freeserve started the £15.99 / 3 month promotion. It was this promotion which prompted me to change providers dispite the inconvinience this would cause.

This thread demonstrates the steps that must be taken in order to receiver a cheaper service. If you don't want to pay £27.99 then simply follow the steps to receive a reduction.

I would imagine that freeserve will be looking at their prices / services, but with such a large company it will take along time to instigate the changes.

I have used them for 8 years & am glad to be paying £19.99 from now on. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.

  Djohn 19:44 14 Mar 2004

AOL have been doing the same offer for the past 10 months or so. You just need to go through the cancellations department and explain why you wish to leave, the will reduce your account to £19.99 per month.

My brother-in-law only last week phoned and asked to leave from is 512k service as he wanted 1mb at a cheaper price, they gave him 1mb for the 512k price. j.

  spuds 00:13 15 Mar 2004

But of course, all these ISP companies are working on zero rate profit margins (;o(

I was in my local PCW the other day, and I noticed that they were no longer issuing Freeserve ISP packs,instead it appeared as though they had transfered over to AOL!.

  Djohn 00:44 15 Mar 2004

Just to clarify my post above at 19:44

They gave him the offer of 1mb at the "Normal" price of 512k IE: £29.99 not the reduced price of £19.99 Still a good offer though. I pay £27.99 for Zen broadband but it's worth every penny, they [Zen]also do a 1mb service at £39.00 per month with no contract.

  georgemac 16:00 15 Mar 2004

can I ask who you told them you were transferring to and using which package, my mate is on freeserve anytime, but will shortly be going for broadband, they may offer him the same deal when he phones to cancel anytime. thanks

  tbh72 16:12 15 Mar 2004

Your friend will be offered 3 months @ £15.99 with the remaining 9 months @ £27.99. Freeserve broadband was originally £29.99 month when I first signed up 25 months ago. If freeserve further reduce thier packages your friend can expect to pay £27.99 less the new price.

This saving only applies to existing broadband customers whom have had the service for more than 12 months and are able to migrate to a new service.

click here is an excellent place to search for an ideal BB provider.

  Bielke 13:19 16 Mar 2004

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
I've also just been offered a reduction to match P****x who charge £19.99 p.m.
Just one amendment - I had to go through 0870 010 2462 / option 4 (Technical) who offered to transfer me to customer services. I was asked why I wanted to change - I made it clear that I was satisfied with Freeserve but £8 a month was nearly £100 a year

  tbh72 14:24 16 Mar 2004

Woo Hoo Excellent Bielke, I am glad too hear you too have been successful in getting a reduced price.

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