Savastore/Carrera/Watford-all ceased trading?

  AlanRLong50 12:11 04 Mar 2007

Hello.Today I rang the Carrera helpline to enquire about having my computer repaired.They couldn't help & suggested I contact the seller.I called up the Savastore website (click here)and was told they'd been bought out and the site was temporarily closed.I then called up the Watford website (click here) and there was nothing there.I then called up the Carrera website (click here) and there was nothing there either. Does anyone know if all three have ceased trading? If so,who took over the responsibility and guarantees for these three companies? My computer is comng up for two years old and my guarantee still has 3 years to run.Could you please let me know who I should now contact,if anyone,to get an engineer to look at my computer? (My computer is sounding quite noisy these days. I can't open it up as I have arthritis in both hands and wrists to change the fan unit.) Thank you very much indeed for your help and advice. It is greatly appreciated.

  John B 12:16 04 Mar 2007
  spuds 12:20 04 Mar 2007

If you have paid by credit card or computer finance, then contact your finance provider for help and assistance under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (Equal Liability), because the above companies are in the hands of administrators,who are dealing with the matter.

The events of the above companies is 'old' news, and a search within the forum should provide further information.

  Diemmess 09:22 05 Mar 2007

Your underlying problem is unease about the mechanical state of your computer?

The second problem is who is going to pay?

You can obviously ask a local computer shop about help and at what cost to service your PC, and just as obviously you will have to pay.

I think the original extended warranty is valueless now and because 2+ years have gone it may be difficult to recover even half the origininal payment via your credit card and the administrators.

I'm very sorry for you and so many others in a similar situation.
It seems to me that the sort of takeovers that have wrecked things for you, are the old commercial tricks of buying failed businesses to asset strip their stock.
They shun any moral obligation to customers who would have lost anyway had the firm simply gone to the wall.

I hope I have it wrong, and wish you luck anyway.

  The Brigadier 09:54 05 Mar 2007

If & when Savastore/Watford start up again they may not honour your warranty. It all depends if Globally Ltd, the new company takes on the debts etc.

If you bought using a credit card contact your bank, who may allow you to take it somewhere else to get it repaired and foot the bill for it.

Sadly i dont think that Globally Ltd will be any help as the home page has been like it is now for the last month!

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