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  Giggle n' Bits 22:22 30 Sep 2005

Ok, I managed to actually get a phone call into the Accounts Dept about 2 days ago.

Ref: I returned 2 TFT's, because they were incorrect models I refused to accept them of the courier. So they refunded £9.78 Less.

They said because I refused them they had to charge courier cost. Yer right, if I had took them in and returned them with a RMA there courier cost would be 4 times as much so I was really doing them a favour.

Ok, They aggreed and said my remianing £9.78 will be refunded back to my card. Fine. I thought.

They then do not send me the email confirmation as requested and as they promised but only send me a repeat duplicate of an older RMA. Maybe a mistake.

Then back to getting contact by phone with If you call 0871 666 0102 and choose option 5 then wait for switchboard after listening to some tunes and not wanting to speak with Accounts but you have to select the accounts to get throuh the press 5 press x etc etc.

A recorded message come on inbetween the tunes saying their prefered way of contact if you have problems for customer service is to send a Email to [email protected] thing is they do not return your emails just ignore them. I have been following this now for 4 weeks thought I was getting somewhere and zilch result. They do not reply to emails. Maybe they do not understand what a Customer Serivce department is for and they prefer listening to phones ringning (Later) or watching outook envelope drops and there inbox filling up.

Ok, back to the phone, I try again yesterday and today and they now cut you off to a dead line.

If anyone knows of other means of contact. Wonder if they would welcome a perosnall visit to their office ?

  spuds 11:08 01 Oct 2005

Of course you could make a personnel visit to air your complaint's, but controlled politeness would be the key word. Going with aggression may prove to be less rewarding.Reading other forums, it would appear as though you are not the only person having customer service problems with this company. Considering as a thought, perhaps all the previous and present mergers and take-overs that Savastore/Watford are undertaking, pressure on staff resources are beginning to take its toll.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:38 01 Oct 2005

will go under eventually, its a time thing. Customer service does not exhist.

  Giantmountain 19:09 02 Oct 2005

Looking for a PC at the moment....Savastore just deleted from my favourites list

Customer service is everything

  hzhzhz 19:23 02 Oct 2005

I have dealt with savastore several times . They are good unless you recieve the wrong item. Thats when the fun starts. I personally would think twice before using them again.

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