ame 14:13 03 Jan 2006

Having waited about 3 months to get a refund for some incorrectly spec'd pc that Watford tried to send me against my wishes, I finally got Peter Hills to give me a refund by using this forum.

In fact, I ended up with two refunds - one from my credit card company (which I thought was temporary until the mess was sorted out) and one from Savastore.

Then I get a call from Watford asking if they can take their refund back as the credit card refund had been made permanent. I agree, and the money was taken in November. All was well - or so I thought!

Now I find they have taken the refund amount from my account a second time just before Xmas, with no permission! So, I am back to square one after 4 months - with no refund.

What a shambles this company is in - or perhaps this was deliberate?!! I'll keep on fighting, despite the stress these people are causing me.

Merry bleedin' Xmas, Peter Hills!

  Stuartli 14:42 03 Jan 2006

I trust that's not a prelude to a 12 month battle...:-((

I've had one minor dealing with this company - it's also the last.

  SG Atlantis® 16:06 03 Jan 2006

you should not have let savastore take back the refund, the extra refund should have went back to the CC company.

Have you spoke to the CC company again?

what are savastore saying now?

  spuds 18:38 03 Jan 2006

Drop the whole problem it in the lap of your credit card company, and let them sort it out. I would not involve Savastore/Watford any longer.

  Forum Editor 19:21 03 Jan 2006

let your card provider sort this out.

Incidentally - please don't make any more silly suggestions that this error might have been deliberate. Just stick to the facts, and keep your language fit for a family forum.

  ame 21:52 04 Feb 2006

Got a "refund" of the money that shouldn't have been taken from my CC account. Took a while, but Watford customer services person did resond quickly, so that's a big improvement on last time. I won't go anywhere near them again though - 6 months of absolute hell!

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