savastore price query

  canard 23:23 20 Aug 2005

click here added floppy drive 56k modem cd writer Atiradeon card £25 and upped ram to 512 and the answer was £234 39 [on the page] but with £35 delivery it was £298 at checkout. Am I missing something?

  rdave13 01:38 21 Aug 2005

VAT. When I went on site it was £232.64 then surcharge (?) then VAT.

Not so cheap.

  spuds 11:57 21 Aug 2005

Like most basic machine prices, everything looks nice and neat value wise, put on the additionals and the price tends to rocket. I generally find that it is wise to start with a full system specification to suit your needs, then check other suppliers. Dell as a similar example, do many price discounts, and in some cases the higher specification machine can turn out much cheaper, especially with the special weekly offers and discounts.

  canard 23:16 21 Aug 2005

The site has a gadget which adds up what you click and the checkout tells you the VAT and delivery charge. Every time I added it up there seemed to be an extra £22 on the total- modern maths?

  Arnie 23:51 21 Aug 2005

also, do you believe this add-on for only £2.

Must be the cheapest cover of all time.

Check your link once more and look at: Warranty Option.

Full 6-year Warranty including 1-year On-Site parts and labour cover + £2.00.

  Wuggy 08:22 22 Aug 2005

I think you will find that the extra amount charged is for actually building the machine itself. I looked at buying a PC from Savastore last month and every machine involved (where there was an element of additional configuration of components ) had this hidden amount of around £25 for which no explanation could be found on their web site. I emailed them 3 times over 7 days to query this and am still waiting for a reply of any kind - even an auto response. If they can't reply when you are looking to buy from them what chance would you have once you have actually bought a PC. Gave up on them and bought a first class machine from Dell. Recommended Dell to a friend who also bought PC from them with printer (MFD) thrown in. When printer arrived there was a small lug apparently missing on paper intake. Phoned Dell and printer was immediately replaced. They stated they did not want the other printer back - so after some judicious use of some superglue friend has 2 first class MFD's in use.

  rojon 19:29 22 Aug 2005

I ordered a PC from these people and when the configuration confirmation email came through they changed order to lower specification on 5 components. Most notably they havled the RAM from 1024mb to 512mb. Two phonecalls and promises to change never amounted to anything. I cancelled order and credit card to ensure no payment was taken. Never had a reply to any emails, even to the guy who watches this forum, and like Wuggy I ended up going elsewhere for PC.

  les-257929 01:52 23 Aug 2005

I bought a diy computer kit from savastore.When I built it I could not get it to boot up with the supplied memory.I replaced the memory with some from a local source and it worked fine,so I returned the supplied memory and asked for a refund.It took more than a month and many emails before I finally got my refund.
i am pleased with the resulting computer, but their aftersales service is pathetic

  canard 22:16 26 Aug 2005

Oh dear- knew there had been some difficulties with savastore but this is offputting. The reason I looked at this was that I need a cheap backup PC because old one fried irself. Also want more than 256mb ram with XP.

  lucylastic 09:53 27 Aug 2005

As Clesh states, Savastores after sales are not only pathetic but almost non existant.
My new Aries Performa arrived without a power cable for the monitor and after three phone calls and Five e-mails none of which were answered I finally got a cable EIGHTEEN DAYS later.
I have even written to Watford Electronics to complain and surprise surprise one week on and still no reply.Look through PC advisor any time and you'll find loads of other choices.

  canard 20:48 27 Aug 2005

Will steer clear lucylastic- no one seems to have a good word to say for Savastore.

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