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  VoG II 23:05 03 Jan 2006

Well not a blog exactly but a record of progress. I have heard tales of woe on here but if they had no satisfied customers they would be out of business by now. So, despite words of warning from forum members, I have ordered a new PC. I have looked here, there and everywhere and, basically, they do what I want.

I placed my order on the website on 31 December and have just received an order confirmaion e-mail. I consider that acceptable considering the recent holiday. My order status shows 'waiting for credit card authentication' - I consider this acceptable also for over a Grand's worth of kit.

I will keep you posted on the developments with this experiment.

  researcher 23:17 03 Jan 2006

A brave experiment, but as you say, they would be out of business (eventually!) without any satisfied customers.

Personally I would not try them again after my returns problem - it was finally sorted out, but I did not need the hassle.

I hope all goes well.

  Totally-braindead 23:28 03 Jan 2006

I too really hope all goes well VoG™ they used to be one of my favourite companies but due to their recent very poor customer care I've been avoiding them and buying from my favourite company Novatech who have never let me down. Probably shouldn't have said that as its tempting fate a bit.

  sattman 23:40 03 Jan 2006

I have deduced that all stores or suppliers start off intending good service, most customers will get what they order and it will work as intended from the box.

The weak link seems to only appear only when things dont work out and that is when the customer finds out
how they perform

At this point it seems to split into one of two camps

VOG I am sure that you will be in the former catorgary

  zincy 23:51 03 Jan 2006

I have recently brought a hard drive from them, had no problems... but then again I can go visit thier store easily.. for peace of mind if something goes wrong

  Totally-braindead 00:13 04 Jan 2006

sattman this is very true and sums it up nicely, it is when things go wrong that you learn who the good companies are.

  Bernard2 09:23 04 Jan 2006

I have only ordered one item from this company. It was an Aries laptop which, according to their website, would be delivered in two days. When it had not been delivered a week later I made an enquiry to be told that they were "waiting for the delivery of components". This was not stated on their website which was still showing "two days delivery". Five weeks later I received my laptop! This is an excellent machine but I would hesitate to order from Savastore again as I felt I had been misled by incorrect delivery time information.

  Chegs ®™ 13:34 04 Jan 2006

I haven't got either £1000 to spend or a flexy friend to stave off the payments until I had a grand,but I know of several folks who have purchased assorted items from Savastore(including in the few days afore xmas day)and they all received their goods within a few days.This was made more amazing considering the numbers of folks expressing probs with this company and the xmas rush.I hope your transaction goes through without a hitch VoG.

  anchor 13:34 04 Jan 2006

Good luck VoG™; at least some of the potential
problems, (should they occur), you would be able to resolve yourself.

Like I, you do not live too far from Luton, if a personal visit became necessary.

I am a little puzzled why there is a delay in your credit card authentication. As far as I know, this can be, and is done immediately. I just took out some home insurance with a new company, and my CC was authenticated and debited withing 30 seconds. This is the norm.

  Confab 14:13 04 Jan 2006

Make sure you check the speck of the PC you have ordered against the invoice they will e-mail to you. Check the part numbers against the items listed on the net. They had substituted a card reader that I had ordered with a different reader as it was not in stock.

Make sure someone is at home between 8.30am and 6.30pm on the day of delivery. You'll be e-mailed a delivery date at short notice and it's up to them when it's delivered not you.

If you haven't ordered a restore disk order one as its a full copy of XP and if you delete your restore partition without it then your stuffed. It seems from their website that you'll get this on disk but you don't - It's an extra £10.00 I think.

Having said the above I am very happy with my Savastore PC. The build is excellent and it was great value for money. When I did have a problem it was collected within 48hrs and a case fan fitted and the processor "re-heatpasted" (my new word) at no cost. Keep the packaging for a while because if you do have to return anything they'll ask for it (I don't know why).


  Stuartli 16:01 04 Jan 2006

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