Savastore aka Watford Electronics again

  jm4957 14:47 22 Feb 2006

I purchased a laptop from savastore and although the web specification of the laptop clearly stated that it had builtin wireless, there was no such feature. After three months of calling, emails and general hassle, they admitted that they misadvertised the laptop (Aries 985-55) as having a builtin ariel. Obviously.

They very kindly sent out a rubbish 11b wireless card out as compensation.

Now of course, the laptop has developed a failure with the graphics card and they refuse to answer feedback, emails to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] (whoever he is). I've been ono hold for their pc support line at least five times for ten minutes at a time and having been hung up on once already, my will to live is fast fading.

Please do not purchase things from this company. Their aftersales service is shockingly bad. Once you actually get through to them, they refuse to be in the wrong and then refuse to take the item back (I already tried to return the laptop). Honestly and truly, avoid them like the plague.

  Sibbo 11:33 24 Feb 2006
  jm4957 14:30 24 Feb 2006

Will do.

  Sibbo 18:52 09 Mar 2006

Any luck?

  Forum Editor 19:28 09 Mar 2006

which encourages others to "avoid them like the plague", or similar phrases.

Your thread slipped through the net somehow, and it would be a little churlish of me to delete it now, so it stays, but please don't repeat your advice a second time.

I've been trying to get Watford Electronics to have a dialogue with us over the complaints that we see here, in the forum, but without much success. Peter Hills of Watford

  rmcqua 20:17 09 Mar 2006

FE - I think you cut yourself off short ! Please continue.

  Forum Editor 20:20 09 Mar 2006

Actually I pasted 'Peter Hills of Watford' from another document without realising it. I had finished the post, and it may as well stay now.

  phil46 20:21 09 Mar 2006

Then with respect these companies must be exposed not covered up in the forum they are very quick to take your money,it is up to these companies to get there house in order.

  Totally-braindead 20:32 09 Mar 2006

phil46 I'm afraid you don't get the FEs point and he has made it quite clear in this post and in previous ones. If you wish to complain about a company then thats fine but what you must not do is say things like "avoid them like the plague" or they are a bunch of thieves or anything like that.
If you want to post about bad service then fine but stick to the facts and let others make up their own minds once they've read it. Saying something like "you will not use them again" is fair enough but telling others what they should do is not.
On a personal note I have not used Savastore for some time now mainly because of the problems people who post in this Forum have been having with them. I agree the companies that give poor customer service should be named but the FE does not propose covering anything up which I am sure you will realise if you reread what was said.

  Totally-braindead 20:37 09 Mar 2006

Oh and I should say I'm not any sort of angel here either I posted about poor service a couple of years ago( a different company) and rather blew my top at the company calling them some rather nasty things. The FE deleted the post and explained why he did so. Once I thought about it a bit I agreed with the deletion of the post as it was rather bad.

  jm4957 20:40 09 Mar 2006

Their technical support got back to me a month later via email. I thankfully managed to fix the laptop myself by this stage.

To be fair, if you keep badgering them, they'll get back to you. Just don't call them from a mobile phone and don't annoy [email protected] Bless his lil socks, he's trying his best...

Excuse the facetious comments. If you pay over a grand for a laptop, you kinda expect a little more support after :)

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