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  Shortstop 12:00 17 Jul 2009

Hi everyone,

My wife is looking for a SatNav that tells her 'Turn left into XXX road/avenue, etc' rather than just 'Turn left is 400 yards' and then counting down [she wants the road name mentioned as well as she is not a particularly good judge of distance].

Is there anything on the market that will do this? I have seen various methods of reprogramming SatNavs to do this but am wary of just destroying the whole thing!



  Picklefactory 12:53 17 Jul 2009

Some of the TomTom models do this I think, the 730 does and possibly some others.

  Woolwell 13:06 17 Jul 2009

With TomTom you have to select a computer voice as the other voices do not do it. You also have to make sure that on the relevant menu page that read road names is checked. My Go 520 is set up to read road names.

  Shortstop 13:30 17 Jul 2009

I have now realised that this feature is called 'text to speech' so am looking at a couple of units now!



  anchor 08:21 18 Jul 2009

Yes, it is called text to speech, and TomTom has this, at least on their better models. (My 920 has it).

Not perfect all the time, but pretty good in the UK. I have just returned from an extensive tour of France and some of the French road names sounded quite odd.

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  mikef. 10:57 18 Jul 2009

The new Garmains Nuvi's also do the street naming, I've just got the 1340 and it's very good, also does lane maps for complicated junctions and has speed cameras built in, you can also get them with traffic warnings

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