Satellite Broadband ???

  ski 'n' ski 14:43 23 Apr 2003

I live that little bit too far from the local exchange which hasn't yet been ativated anyway..... so I'm hoping someone can suggest an alternative. Is satellite broadband a good, reliable option for a home user?

Does anyone use it and how are you getting on with spead, reliability etc.

  Goldcroft 15:22 23 Apr 2003

No doubt others may be more precise, but remember from earlier threads that you need to be quite rich. Have you done a search for postings on satellite and broadband?

  ski 'n' ski 16:04 23 Apr 2003

well....... a search came up with a thread dated 24.5.02. Hopefully there has been some advancement since then and someone may have some more useful information.

  Goldcroft 16:29 23 Apr 2003

Don't know what you put in ski 'n' ski, but I put in satellite in first box and broadband in second and came up with a PCA posting dated 10/4/03. The mag was looking to do an article including satellite broadband, but there was only one reply from someone who was thinking about it. There was a website mentioned: click here.

Pretty certain I remember several other mentions, but the search facility is not too hot. Just a thought, but have you put the words into google?

  3Toed 17:32 23 Apr 2003

Not sure what your intention is here for use of considered it as apart from browsing and downloading,i like to play games on the net.but due to having same restrictictions as yourself i have to use a 56k(also as goldcroft states)i seem to remember reading somewhere its quite expensive.
While playing one day i saw a comment on screen about time lapse from 'satellite'was causing great aggrevation for this player-just thought i'd inform you.It seems its not as 'instant'as land BB.It probably is just as fast,but depends on your use.

  ski 'n' ski 22:14 23 Apr 2003

Do you know anyone who uses everywhere broadband?

  Goldcroft 07:23 24 Apr 2003

You don't appear to have done what I suggested yesterday and put "satellite broadband" into Google. Haven't got the time to go through all the entries in detail, but try this link:

click here

  Timbo 09:20 24 Apr 2003

I get the odd problem with my satelite reception if there is heavy ran or snow - how would this effect the broadband connection?

  Aspman 14:58 25 Apr 2003

Timbo you might well notice a drop in perfomance during bad weather but I doubt it would stop completely.

Sat BB is expensive, I looked into this for work for a while, BTs offering is very expensive and the service (from what I've heard) hasn't been very good. You need a seperate land line to send requests 56k or ISDN which is an additional cost they usually don't mention. Also BT has already started capping present users.

On a positive note if you Live in the Highlands and Islands region of scotland the local authority is subsidising satBB.

  1514 22:50 25 Apr 2003

Have a look here ski n ski
click here

  ski 'n' ski 11:02 26 Apr 2003

Thanks 1514. This looks interesting. Do you use them?

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