Satellite Assured Ltd??

  cromo 11:28 16 Jul 2007

Any info on this company please? We seem to have taken out a Warrenty with them, but cannot get hold of them to cancel it. When we ring up, we just get an answer phone, seems dodgy?
We have three letters all of which have different addresses?

  FreeCell 11:41 16 Jul 2007
  FreeCell 12:00 16 Jul 2007

Google search click here=

There may well be more than one company trading under this name but your comment about different adddresses sounds very familiar to complaints made about Nationwide Digital Satellite Services in this forum.

  cromo 12:11 16 Jul 2007

so are these companies the same one? I cannot get hold of anyone to cancel whatever it is we are paying for!?

  cromo 12:16 16 Jul 2007

Oh forgot to add, Satellite Direct any ifo? Are all these companies scams? Should we cancel everything that we have with these companies??

  FreeCell 12:20 16 Jul 2007

Sorry I can't tell if Satellite Assured are the same as any one else as there is no contact information for them given in your post, just a name.

Have a look at one of the posts about Nationwide to see if any details are similar. click here

You say you "seem to have taken out a warrenty". Have you made any payments or just received an invoice. If so just don't pay it.

  FreeCell 12:28 16 Jul 2007

Not all companies are scams, as previously said companies can trade under similar/same names which adds to the confusion.

However a company that has three different addresses and you can't get to speak to anyone sounds like a scam, operates like a scam, therefore ......

If you are paying by Direct Debit cancel it. If by Credit Card phone our CC company and advise them that you have not authorised any payment to this company. If you haven't paid any money you don't have a warrenty so ignore letters.

  spuds 19:11 16 Jul 2007

Get advice from click here

Cancelling agreement without the knowledge or consent of the other party can bring further problems.Best to get correct advice before making a final decision.

  Princess Flossy 09:41 20 Sep 2007

Hi there
I was interested to see the posts about this company. I received a phone call last Oct saying that my Sky Repair Plan was about to expire and asking if I wanted to renew it (of course I answered 'yes'). I was then offered the option to switch to quarterly instead of monthly payments, as they said it was a cheaper option- I accepted, giving my bank details to enable a new Direct Debit to be set up. A couple of months later I noticed that two different companies were taking money from my account, Sky and a company called Satellite Assured. I called SA to be told that I had signed up voluntarily and it was basically 'tough'. So in Feb I sent them a very strong letter, copying in my local Trading Standards, explaining that as in my opinion I had been mis-sold a policy I didn't need, I was cancelling my Direct Debit arrangement and felt entitled to a refund of any money already paid. Silence from Satellite Assured, until the end of Aug when I received a threatening letter saying that they were going to reinstate my Direct Debit as I was 'in breach of my contract'. I called the number on the letter several times and eventually got through- I asked the agent if he would send me a copy of the 'contract' mentioned in the letter for my solicitor to have a look, and he offered to cancel the agreement there and then. I wait to see if he was as good as his word and I am really free of any so-called obligation! BSkyB have apparently won a court case against SA fairly recently, so this may have contributed to his willingness to sort my complaint out. My advice is keep trying and take a tough stance when you get through- they are guilty of misrepresentation and possibly fraud, so you need to make it clear you have done your homework and know the score. Good luck- will post this elsewhere and update if I hear from them again. Paula x

  Stuartli 11:06 20 Sep 2007

FreeCell's link includes the statement:

Satellite Direct, Satcover, Satellite Assured, Digital Services, Nationwide Digital Services South Coast Satellite(Dave Reynolds) are all one of the same and they are supported by Data Partnership who supplies your details.

Once they get your credit card details by pretending they are SKY they are free to deduct money as and when. Then you have to try and get it back!!!!!

  Forum Editor 11:40 20 Sep 2007

Please don't make duplicate posts in separate threads - it's confusing and unnecessary.

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