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  fungusamongus 21:43 06 Sep 2007

I was reading chromo's message reference the above 'company' who I have also recently had terrible problems with.

I would like to hear from cromo or any other member who has had dealings with this company. I have had problems with them overcharging me, not being able to get one of their engineers out when required, and being unable to make contact with them by any means to complain or cancel. Now two years after I cancelled my direct debit they are chasing me for £72.00 they say I owe, and have reinstated a direct debit to my bank without my authorisation. I am calling BBC Watchdog tomorrow 'cos I have had enough. They tell me they are nothing to do with Sky TV but I reckon sky make all their referrals.

Anyone who can give me any info on these people would be most appreciated.


  SANTOS7 22:03 06 Sep 2007

click here

this may help...

  fungusamongus 09:12 07 Sep 2007

I would like to hear of other people' s experience of this company.


  Princess Flossy 09:42 20 Sep 2007

Hi there
I was interested to see the posts about this company. I received a phone call last Oct saying that my Sky Repair Plan was about to expire and asking if I wanted to renew it (of course I answered 'yes'). I was then offered the option to switch to quarterly instead of monthly payments, as they said it was a cheaper option- I accepted, giving my bank details to enable a new Direct Debit to be set up. A couple of months later I noticed that two different companies were taking money from my account, Sky and a company called Satellite Assured. I called SA to be told that I had signed up voluntarily and it was basically 'tough'. So in Feb I sent them a very strong letter, copying in my local Trading Standards, explaining that as in my opinion I had been mis-sold a policy I didn't need, I was cancelling my Direct Debit arrangement and felt entitled to a refund of any money already paid. Silence from Satellite Assured, until the end of Aug when I received a threatening letter saying that they were going to reinstate my Direct Debit as I was 'in breach of my contract'. I called the number on the letter several times and eventually got through- I asked the agent if he would send me a copy of the 'contract' mentioned in the letter for my solicitor to have a look, and he offered to cancel the agreement there and then. I wait to see if he was as good as his word and I am really free of any so-called obligation! BSkyB have apparently won a court case against SA fairly recently, so this may have contributed to his willingness to sort my complaint out. My advice is keep trying and take a tough stance when you get through- they are guilty of misrepresentation and possibly fraud, so you need to make it clear you have done your homework and know the score. Good luck- will post this elsewhere and update if I hear from them again. Paula x

  fungusamongus 10:28 20 Sep 2007

Thanks so much for your reply. I had exactly the same problems with SA as yourself. I finally got them to back off.

They set up a contract and direct debit in 2006 without my knowledge after I had contacted Sky with a view to having satellite tv re-installed, (though I did not go ahead with it.) SA must have got wind of this, presumably through a mole at Sky, and reinstated my previous direct debit. They said they had a recording of a 'phone call from me setting up a contract with them, and the reason that they had waited nearly 9 months to tell me I owed them money was that the girl who handled collections had suffered a bereavement.

I sent them several strong e-mails to no avail. My daughter then sent an e-mail on my behalf, asking them to produce the recording which they claimed to have. She received a reply from the 'bereaved' collections handler saying that she 'did not want to cause your elderly mother any further distress'(I'm 46,by the way - sarcastic cow!) and stated that the direct debit and all my records would be deleted from their files. In other words, they are cowboys trying to pull a fast one.

Sky tell me that they have taken several of these satellite repair companies to court but have not yet managed to stop them completely. I would advise anyone being hounded by these companies not to be bullied into paying up but to refer to trading standards/legal advice etc if necessary.



  Forum Editor 11:39 20 Sep 2007

and direct debit in 2006 without my knowledge"

Nobody can set up a direct debit on your bank account without your knowledge - your bank has to have your authority before any direct debit arrangement can exist. A new company cannot revive a direct debit agreement that was set up in favour of another business.

If you didn't agree to a contract then no contract exists.

  Arsenalgunners 11:36 29 Oct 2007

I too have been targeted by this Company. They contacted me to say about my satellite cover and I said that I already paid them monthly (thinking they were Sky Repair) and they said they were changing this to quarterly as it would be cheaper for me - £18/quarter. They asked me to confirm my bank details and to cancel my existing direct debit so I would not have 2 lots taken out. I then got a letter from Sky repair saying I had cancelled the direct debit and I was no longer covered. I telephoned them and found out they had not contacted me. I then received a letter from Satellite Assured confirming my cover. I rang them immediately and they said that I could not cancel because the 7 day cooling off period had expired. I said I only just got their letter and they obtained the contract by deception. I said I wasn't going to pay and would cancel the direct debit. 2 weeks later I received a threatening letter to refer the matter to a debt collection agency unless I paid in full the £72. I have since referred the matter to the trading standards and am awaiting their response but I will not pay this on principal because of the way they obtained it by false means and deception. Will keep everyone posted on the outcome in due course but they are a scam and if you ever receive a phone call make sure they are your existing supplier of satellite cover. If they ask you for your direct debit details, say you should already have them and do not give them out as the chances are the caller will be Satellite Assured trying to obtain your details by deception.

  meezi 08:44 03 Nov 2007

ive been with satellite assured for 3 years now & i have always found them friendly & helpful,im shocked by how many people dont understand the rules to contracts,i set my cover up with them by phone i was aware when i read my paperwork that this was a 12month contract(most insurances are these days)they offer a free cancellation period & if you dont cancel correctly what do you expect? if you dont pay your car insurance you get billed also satellite assured have always made it clear that they are nothing to do with sky!! not domestic & general who call their policy sky repair & protection plan (how deceving is that!) i phoned sky & that said the only 2 companies they would recommend are d&g & satellite assured & although they have engineers they dont actually provide breakdown cover themselves they are just a broadcast company.I also asked if they passed my details to any insurance companies & they said no, that the companies get their info from everyday data forms that we sign E.G if you dont tick the box that say's we may pass your info onto 3 party companies tick if you do not wish for us to do this, and that these companies would only haveyour finacial details if you had set up a direct debit with them. There are other companies that try to pass themselves off as these 2 companies e.g sat tv, satcover, nationwide,satellite direct, suscriber services,fully covered, i have also contacted sky bsb after reading earlier comments it was actually satellite direct that was taken to court NOT SATELLITE ASSURED, people need to get their FACTS correct & not scare monger people. i found a mr michael willis to be extreemly helpful & reassuring, i had an engineer out to me within 2 days they replaced my box that day & im very happy withmy service.

Direct Debits cancellation means a letter to your bank and a copy to the Company you are removing the direct debit from. That is Law and no one as Forum Editor says can re-install a debit without your permission. Your bank will have a copy of your letter and that is your instruction which they must follow
Consumer advice or trading standards should be contacted BSKYB have changed their repair service and you should make contact with them for a better service protection plan

  Forum Editor 15:30 03 Nov 2007

to companies being "complete con artists".

Any posts containing that kind of remark, or referring to a customer service person as a "sarcastic cow" will be deleted. It's not necessary to use that kind of language to illustrate a complaint.

  fungusamongus 21:33 07 Nov 2007

After having this company, without my knowledge, reinstate a direct debit which I cancelled three years ago, then having the nerve to threaten me with legal action for money I did not owe, on a system which I do not have, and then having to countenance nasty personal comments from their staff, I think my comments have been quite restrained.

As it happens, Sky have informed me that I would not have needed to take out maintenance cover as on taking out a Sky contract this cover is provided for one year free of additional charge. At the end of this period, Sky can provide continuation of this cover . The Sky customer service agent told me she herself had been called by SA and given some very clever patter whereby she thought it was actually Sky calling her. She became suspicious when they tried to sell her a service contract which she did not require. I would like to know how SA get the information on new Sky customers, because Sky insist they don't give out their customers' info to third parties.

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