satelite dish & freeview box

  shwinglow 22:41 15 Jul 2011

I recently asked ?s about satelite TV & got good answers thank you for those who answered me - could anyone tell me I have a good quality Hitachi 'freeview' box with HD, but my roof ariel keeps freezing my digital channels, if I fit an outside satelite dish & connect it to my Digi Box what channels will I be able to receive

  tullie 23:37 15 Jul 2011


  BRYNIT 23:45 15 Jul 2011

As tullie has stated None.

A Freeview box will only work with an aerial it will not work via the Sat dish. If you're having problems with channel freezing the problem could be the aerial or the cable from the aerial especially if it is old.

  ICF 08:09 16 Jul 2011

Sat dish is for Freesat not freeview

  Diemmess 12:20 16 Jul 2011

As BRYNIT has said it may be the aerial or cable.

If the deterioration is recent it might be worthwhile having a local aerial firm check it out for you. Old Co-ax, poor or weather damaged junctions as well as the Aerial itself which might pre-date the digital switchover or even become simply mis-aligned.

All these things can weaken the signal, and where in analogue days the picture 'snowed' or broke up, a digital signal will freeze, become 'pixellated' or simply cut out altogether, usually with a brief announcment - Bad signal

  Covergirl 08:04 19 Jul 2011

You could try something like this.

It's an inexpensive solution (compared with a new aerial) which if it doesn't work you may be able to get a refund.

Note that Asda do something that looks exactly like the Philex range but cheaper.

Also, you can get up to 6 outputs on this model (see the circular blanking plugs).

Other brands are available. I had a bad do with a Philex (I think it got plugged in wrong and shorted out) and I currently have some other brand (from Argos) which has lasted 4 or 5 years so far.

We got an upgraded aerial at the same time in the early days of DTV which appeared to deteriorate after 12 months so bought a booster at the suggestion of the aerial fitter. Hardly any problems since.

As previously stated, dishes are for Sky and Freesat, plus some other proprietary systems available in places like B&Q. Freeview only works off an aerial.

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