Sat nav security

  Newuser2 20:28 26 Aug 2006

May be of interest
click here

  dwaynedibbly 21:58 26 Aug 2006

Yeah, looks like a good product.
The problem is though, if the scrote sees even so much as a suction cup marks on your windscreen. He is gonna smash your car window to get in and have a quick search of the interior to see if you`ve been daft enough to tuck the unit under the drivers seat.
Okay your precious sat nav is secure in this lovely little piece of metal, but your window is laid in about 3 million pieces on the pavement.
Time to fork out some hard earned cash on a new window. We all know its not worth blowing your no claims.
Not sure what the answer is, if anyone can come up with something (legal) I think they will be very rich in a very short time.

  anchor 11:29 27 Aug 2006

When leaving the vehicle, remove the screen mount, wipe the windscreen to remove any ring mark, then lock the SatNav and mount in the boot.

A bit of a nuisance, but should be effective.

  VCR97 18:57 27 Aug 2006

Assuming that the satnav thing is circular and the same diameter as the tax disc, get a tax disc holder and put in it a fake company car park pass. Remove the satnav thing and put the fake pass in its place.

  Flak999 21:25 27 Aug 2006

Here's a novel idea! Buy an AA road atlas for £3.99 from Smiths and learn to map read! No need for elaborate security devices, false tax disk holders, screen wipes or anything else. problem solved. ;-)

  anchor 14:15 28 Aug 2006

Flak999: Unfortunately your suggestion would prove useless when driving in an unfamiliar city, without a person to navigate by your side. Even then a £4 map is unlikely to show city roads.

I used my TomTom 700 extensively when in France this year; it was invaluable.

As regards security, I am fortunate to have a convenient recess on the dash that holds the TomTom nicely. When parking, I just remove it, and lock it away. The 700 does not need to be used with a mount.

  Belatucadrus 23:57 28 Aug 2006

click here May be of interest.
Thought on the Road Atlas, may not be a bad idea to put one on the passenger seat as a diversion, maybe the little toerags will go on the assumption that any sat nav user isn't going to need a road map and will move on to a more likely target.

  Sic 10:58 29 Aug 2006

Try driving around London to multiple addresses that you have never been to before using your map perched on your knee.

Brilliant idea. Thanks for the contribution.

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