Sat Nav and PDAs

  Fellsider 19:16 25 Sep 2005

I'm thinking about getting a portable sat nav system but don't know whether to go for a stright forward system (e.g. Navman iCN520) or one on a PDA (e.g. Navman PiN570).

Any suggestions or comments welcome - particularly experiences with those mentioned.

  Monoux 19:56 25 Sep 2005

A friend of mine bought the Tom Tom system and has been very very pleased with it. He is a taxi driver and has found it invaluable when asked to go 'off his patch'

  HXP 22:22 25 Sep 2005

iPAQ + TOM TOM Fantastic combo - a fully featured PDA & brillant navigation software - it really is the best of both worlds !!


  wee eddie 07:43 26 Sep 2005

I replace the maps in my car every 2 years, and even this, frequently, finds me behind the times.

Before you buy check on how the maps are upgraded.

  scotty 09:53 26 Sep 2005

A separate PDA and GPS system (with Bluetooth connectivity) is the best option for driving. Where the PDA is located is not necessarily the best position for the GPS receiver hence the recommendation for two separate units.

TomTom is highly regarded in the UK. If you travel a lot in Europe, the Prymenav option might be better as it included most countries in Western Europe.

  Jdoki 13:46 28 Sep 2005

A recent feature in AutoExpress magazine found the NavMan 520 the best - beating the more well known TomTom's amongst others.

I use the NavMan 520 and love it. Easy to use, and easy to set up and less bulky than the TomTom.

A buddy of mine uses his PDA for similar results, but has found it slightly less intuitive to use compared to mine, he's is using TomTom software but the main issue is not having all the controls easily to hand.

  Dizzy Bob 15:51 28 Sep 2005

I use my T-Mobile MDA compact, and have added the tomtom 5 software and bluetooth reciever.

My phone is my PDA is my SatNav is my MP3 player is my Phone, all in one device that fits in the palm of my hand. (I have reasonably big hands!)

The TT software is a doddle to use and easy to add POI's such as Gatso locations etc.

The T-Mobile MDA is also sold as the I-Mate Jam

click here for Tmobile MDA details. Mine was free on my contract.


  mole44 17:04 28 Sep 2005

i`ve a navman 510,like Jdoki i find it easy to use and because its fairly flat easy to carry.used it recently in wales,took me all over the place via country lanes,i trusted it never let me down once.i know with out it i would have got lost.but it knew where i wanted to go and guided me there.took all the stress out of navigating from "A" to "B".

  DuncanG 17:11 28 Sep 2005

I purchased an Acer n35 just over a week ago and have been astounded at how good it is. It's a PDA with a GPS reciever built in and the Navigator 3 software included on an SD card.

Its a good looking bit of kit thats a one stop solution as u dont have seperate recievers and wires clogging the car up! The screen is excellent and the directions / maps really detailed and well thought out, plus the voice directions are by an English girl, small thing but better than an american accent all day in my opinion.

Best of all they currently have it on click here for £240 including VAT and delivery.

Negative points, the actual PDA is not top of the range by a long shot, but if u are buying a GPS system its more of an added bonus! (though dont get me wrong, add a sido wifi card and u have all your office functions and wireless surfing).

Do i sound like a salesman? Well maybe as i am over the moon wit it, it had about 107 positive reviews on the site and i wa still unsure as it was so cheap, glad i took the plunge, truly excellent.

  g0nvs 17:43 28 Sep 2005

Acer n35 & Navman 510 have no Postcode search function, Tom tom GO much better.

  sunny staines 17:47 28 Sep 2005

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