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  awest3 14:24 21 May 2009

I recently bought a garmin 775t sat nav from handtec. It has a pedestrian setting and also maps of UK, Europe and USA. Just go back from a trip to Europe where I was disapointed in the battery life, it only lasted 45mins at max (manual says 5 hours). I'm going to USA in Sept so it may be a bit of a problem. I contacted handtec who suggested that it was not an ideal unit for doing what I want and to speak to Garmin...I would have expected them to do that.

However I spoke to Garmin and they suggested that it probably has a faulty battery or charging issue. The guy at Garmin was very good and gave me a ref number and a return address and said he would mail out a new one asap.

I wonered if any one else had dealt with Handtec and their experience of them. I was told that they were pretty good to deal with..! Maybe I just got a less than helpful contact.

Anyone got a view on sat navs battery life..?


  spuds 22:40 21 May 2009

Battery life would depend on many things,including original charging procedures and faulty battery, so in this case it would seem that Garmin have given a possible solution to the problem.

Handtech have sold you the unit, so in consumer terms they are responsible for dealing with problems within the warranty period. But having said that, sometimes it is far quicker (with the retailers approval) to contact the manufacturer direct. By what you say, it would now appear that Garmin will now perhaps resolve the problem for you.

  spuds 22:53 21 May 2009

I should have also suggested, that battery life and estimates are related to various other factors like constant use, on stand-by etc. All these will make a difference to battery drainage cycles.

I use a car sat nav (Navman)which as a very low battery power retention, hence always plugged into the vehicle electric supply. I also have a Garmin Trek device which will not support constant use, especially for night use.

  anchor 09:07 22 May 2009

It seems to me that Garmin have responded excellently. Going through Handtec would have taken much longer.

I feel that the claim of 5 hours is somewhat fanciful, although 45 mins is very low. Hopefully, the replacement will provide a reasonable time of use.

  awest3 09:13 22 May 2009

Thanks for your thoughts, I think you are correct and I'll use Garmin. I just wanted to give Handtec a chance to pick up the baton if you like. That looks unlikely so I'll go the Garmin route and now exclude Handtec from the suppliers I use.
As I said before I'd heard Handtec were good but their response to this issue has not been quite what I expected. i.e. for them to handle the replacement.


  awest3 14:20 22 May 2009

As a last thought on this, handtec have offered to replace the sat nav, it took them a while but fair dos. I have already sent it to Garmin so I'll not be taking them up on their offer.


  awest3 20:51 01 Jun 2009

new 776t received...looking good...3 hours of use before it fails. It should get I'm told.

  awest3 20:53 01 Jun 2009

make that 'new 775t received'

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