sat nav

  fitcher 11:30 22 Jan 2006

has anyone connected a laptop to a wireless sat nav in there car ,, i have heard you can also change the voice to capt picard . i know i have asked the same question as regards the palm hand held but i had no response ..the wireless i am talking about is a simple radio attachment not the expesive archos type ..I may be on the wrong horse here.. is there sutch a thing ?

  Dizzy Bob 16:46 22 Jan 2006

Microsoft do an Autoroute package, including USB GPS dongle for £149 retail. It was in the PC World sale at £99. Not sure about changing voices though.

Tom Tom sat nav has changable voices, although the 'official' tomtom voice range is pretty poor, with John Cleese being the only 'celebrity' voice available.

There are however, a range of 'non-official' voives for tomtom including, Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), Ozzy Osbourne (bleeped and not bleeped), yoda, arnie etc. The quality of the impressions ranges from very good to "Who the hell was that supposed to be!....."



  fitcher 18:09 22 Jan 2006

thanks for info will check them out

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