[email protected] 15:00 01 Dec 2010

hi, wonder if anyone can offer me any advise on this sorry state of affairs. I have lived in a rented flat with a shared letterbox for 8 years, for this reason I did not update my bank as they have the family home as my registered address.
I needed a savings account so I called them for advise, as I do not wish to give my current address to a bank. The lady on the phone said what I was doing was fine and as I had banked with them for 20 years she opened me a savings account. I have only paid into this saving account via direct debit from my current account. After 6 months they send me a letter saying my account is frozen due to no ID.
The customer support is pretty much non existent the helpline tell me to go to the branch the branch tell me to phone. my problem is I have no ID in my parents address.
After 4 visits to the branch, 6 ignored e mails and god know how many phone calls I get a letter from a manager apologising for the run around and £35 for my trouble, all I have to do if send him some ID from my parents address (so either blind, stupid or both.
When I call up they don't know anything about it and refer me to the branch again.
The branch tell me i am suspect fraudulent and they cant do anything.
So having given up on my xmas savings i apply for an overdraft which they give me without hesitation?
any ideas how I can get my savings back from these thieving idiots?

  [email protected] 15:03 01 Dec 2010

I must add I clearly stated I had no ID when they opened the account and was told this was not a problem.

  BRYNIT 16:01 01 Dec 2010

When you visited the branch did you take the letter you recived with you. Having this letter gives them someone to contact to hopefuly deal with your problem.

  [email protected] 16:13 01 Dec 2010

no, I hadnt received it then, will try that, thanks for the response.

  spuds 16:23 01 Dec 2010

Banks and any other money handlers as to comply to a number of procedures regarding the possibility of money laundering.

One of the rules regarding ID confirmation is a simple piece of paper like a utility bill, which in my opinion doesn't really identify anything, except someone as an account with a utility company.

You say that you are receiving correspondence from the manager of the bank. What address are they using?.

You also say that the bank as stated ' i am suspect fraudulent and they cant do anything'. Yet they have given you an overdraft and thirty five pounds?.

Contact your local CAB or Legal Advice Centre.

  timsmith259 16:24 01 Dec 2010

stop the dd now!

  [email protected] 17:32 01 Dec 2010

just spoke to a manager in the complaints department. I am told I have two options, even though she admitted the account was opened in their error and all payments were taken in their error, however this is my problem!
I can a) change my address to this one (have been the victim of id fraud twice) and share letterbox with four complete strangers. not an option.
b) renew my passport @ cost of nearly £80 to retieve my £250 (inc 35 compensation lol)

and thats it. she has closed the case.

So i have removed all my money from my current account up to the overdraft and at the end of next month my wages will be going anywhere but in the current account.
after the fsa have dealt I may re think this but they can basically whistle as i am already declared bankrupt!
click here
loads of them on google people beware!
click here

  BRYNIT 19:01 01 Dec 2010

Just my thoughts.

If they are saying that the account was opened in error. All payment were taken in error they should return the money to your current account as the money should not have been taken from your account in the first place.

Make sure you do not fully close the account until this is sorted. Take the letter into the branch and make sure you talk to the manager.

  Pine Man 19:06 01 Dec 2010

In one of your links it is stated that nobody appears to have had a positive experience with Santander.

Well I can put that myth to rest!

I have banked with A&L for some considerable time and more recently with Santander. I have opened and run several accounts, current, savings and ISAs, faultlessly on line as has my wife and two of my married daughters and their husbands. I have also dealt with my local A&L and Santander branches as well as those in other towns and have found their staff to be efficient and extremely helpful.

Clearly you have had a bad experience but I think it only fair to redress the balance a bit.

Good luck.

  [email protected] 19:24 01 Dec 2010

same with any business, sadly tonight the manager i spoke to advised me no branch could help me, yet I was sent there 3 times and they wanted me to go a forth, which was just pointless. the person who opened the account wrongly advised me and (so im told) broke company policy. If this is true there is a major lack of systems and training, for 6 months they took my money and wont give it back and that is theft.
I have asked for a final response letter and shall pursue this to completion.
Never had a problem with abbey.
I just cannot believe to complete lack of help and 'we dont care/ your problem not ours' mentality.
thanks for all the posts.

  dms_05 08:23 02 Dec 2010

I tried to open a savings account with Santander. I had much the same problems even though all my details are up to date and correct. Luckily I hadn't sent them the cheque, just completed the forms so the account was active and I could pay in a large amount.

The people who open the account said everything was OK and just send them the required ID confirmations which I did.

The people who check the ID's made some sort of mistake and said the ID wasn't acceptable for my wife even though it was identical to mine which was acceptable.

No amount of contact (voice, email, letter) would make them correct their error.

In the end I gave up and went to Clydesdale Bank who accepted the same ID and gave me a better rate of interest.

At the same time Watchdog ran an item on how disorganised Santander were and the CEO was interviewed and said 'yes we know and are trying to sort it out.

Clear message - avoid Santander.

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