Samsung; worst customer support ever?

  orlandogreenback 21:14 20 Aug 2004

One faulty monitor, 18 months old when it failed in May. 2 weeks worth of emailing and they give me a phone number; the person at Samsung gives me another number, that of Teleplan who handle monitor replacements. There were no replacements in stock so we accepted a repair, even though Samsung brag that they only do replacements. It came back with the original fault fixed but a brand new one had sprung up, and frankly it doesn't look as though they put it back together properly. Long story short, I've spoken to one person or another no less than 15 times in the last two and a half months, always promising that someone would call me within two working days. Have they ever? Hell, no. So I call again, am told the same thing again, and so on and so forth the cycle goes...
Bottom line, guys; am I entitled to my money back? What about some compensation for the endless peak time national calls? These people are driving me nuts and I will never, ever buy Samsung again. Thanks for your help.

  anchor 12:59 21 Aug 2004

Try sending a recorded delivery letter, addressed to the Chief Executive, at their head office in the UK. Give full details of your problem, with a time line. It "might" get a positive response.

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd,

Samsung House,
1000, Hillswood Drive,
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PS,

Tel: 01932 455000

  spuds 13:10 21 Aug 2004

Check your 'rights' here click here or click here

  Stuartli 13:12 21 Aug 2004

I would have suggested exactly the same as anchor but with the proviso that you mark the envelope "Private and Confidential" or "Strictly Private and Confidential".

That way no minion on the way, apart perhaps from the CE's secretary, gets to open it, read the contents and quietly bin it. It has happened...:-)

  fred 21:21 21 Aug 2004

This is different to my experience with Samsung. The power socket on my laptop broke. One phone call later they arranged to pick up the machine from work, pack it, replace the MB and return the machine to work within a week. Very satisfied.

  orlandogreenback 18:17 16 Sep 2004

But not because of the letter; the "new" monitor came on the day I posted it. I wasn't in because nobody contected me about it. 4 days later we finally managed to converge (God bless DHL, cos they're the only ones to come out with any credit). I say "new" monitor because I suspect it isn't new at all; seeing as it came without a support stand and inside a box designed for a completely different monitor. Still, it works (touch wood) and there are no obvious glitches. As yet my letter hasn't been answered, and as things stand I won't be buying Samsung again because the way I've been treated is nothing short of a disgrace. I'm glad others have had better experiences but I can only speak from mine. Thanks for your advice, all.

  orlandogreenback 21:24 21 Sep 2004

The day after I wrote that last post, I got a call from the Assistant MD at Samsung UK. I explained to him that the situation appeared to be sorted, but he insisted that the response to my problem had been unacceptable and that he'd be conducting an investigation. I'm impressed, and a fraction of my faith in Samsung is restored. Will post back with the results for posterity.

  anchor 08:54 23 Sep 2004

I have a Samsung monitor, (excellent, no problems), but will be interested to read your follow up.

  orlandogreenback 17:05 24 Sep 2004

As posted elsewhere, Samsung have offered me a full exchange up to their 17inch tft model, the syncamster 172v. It's certainly a generous offer which I'm mulling over carefully. I'm keen not to just take it for the sake of it. If only they hadn't run rings round me in the first place we wouldn't be having this (admittedly good) dilemma. My faith in them as a company is somewhat restored. (But my opinion of their customer support for monitors is unprintable, and as a result I'll still think twice about buying from them again.) Thanks for all your suggestions and comments, much appreciated and undoubtedly responsible for my nice dilemma!!

  orlandogreenback 15:37 26 Sep 2004

But would it worry anyone else that the sm172v appears to be a discontinued model? Is this standard practice?

  anchor 15:52 26 Sep 2004

What was the model you had that failed?. You said that it is a full exchange "up to their 17inch TFT model".

Could yours have been a 15"?.

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