Samsung warranty not honoured due to cut off date.

  User-6F86E862-0129-4A05-A5DA9E82FE820D10 12:57 12 Feb 2008

I recently bought a Samsung R60+ from Tesco due to the reviews that the system has received, the sale price (£499 - £399) and the offer of a three year warranty. However please be warned that Samsung will not honour the three year warranty after 31.01.08. If you buy this system after 31st January, as I did, you will have to buy an extended warranty from Tesco, which makes the sale price £75 more expensive than the original cost. This is despite the three year warrant still being advertised on the laptop box with no mention of a cut off date. I know that I probably have legal rights but I do not have the time or the inclination to pursue these.

I am sure that £399 is still a good price for the system, however on a point of principle I am going to return the laptop and buy one from a different manufacturer. The funny thing is that I am studying for my PhD examining customer relationship marketing, Samsung have definitely lost a customer for life due to their inability to honour their marketing claims. They say that 10 years ago a dissatisfied customer would tell six people, today it is 6,000 how true that is.

  oresome 13:17 12 Feb 2008

You will have no trouble returning the laptop to Tesco and getting a refund, but that's not really the point is it.

Tesco need to be made aware of the problem and the packaging / advertising material altered.

I wonder if Tesco sold this item before it was in the sale. I suspect many retailers get items in specially for the sale that are end of line etc which is why Samsung are not willing to provide the extended warranty.

In answer to your totally relevant points.

Tesco have been selling this item for a few months. I guess the reason for the sale price is that, as with all of these types of products, it will be outdated shortly.

I believe that Tesco are unaware of this issue, as the warranty registration date has only just passed. However to make them aware I have emailed them to suggest that it may be worthwhile changing the description on their website and the laptop packaging to say that it now comes with a one year warranty.

Just to add more fuel to the fire Tesco have started to advertise that the R60+ comes with a free three year warranty - when it most certainly does not.

I tried to register it again today with Samsung, just in case, without any joy. Back to Tesco it goes.

Can anyone recommend a 'non-Samsung' laptop for £400? Mostly for Word and PowerPoint and the occasional DVD

  Goliht 22:50 06 Mar 2008

Hi all,

Sorry to hear of your problems Dumbangel, if you give us a call at Samsung Tech Support, we'll honour the extended warranty. The original deal was indeed supposed to end at Jan 31st, however Tesco didn't advise their branches and by the time we found out it was already being advised to some that we wouldn't. Unfortunately you would seem to be one of those. Currently the deal is reset to end March, but we think it'll probably just continue until Tesco actually run out of stock.

But the warranty will be honoured now. So give us a call.

  Stuartli 10:48 07 Mar 2008

Can't be more fair than that...:-)

  anchor 11:50 07 Mar 2008

Bravo Samsung!.

Laptop is now registered, thankfully as it has had really good reviews for the price band.

Exactly as Goliht states and I had presumed, the problem was with communication between two very large organisations. I guess Tesco and Samsung expected to sell all of the stock by Jan 31st, but it did not turn out that way and I was caught in the middle of the confusion about cut off dates.

Well done Tesco and Samsung for selling a really good product at an excellent price

  oresome 19:28 07 Mar 2008

Pleased you got a result. It's a shame you had the hassle in the first place.

  Goliht 20:44 07 Mar 2008

Good to hear! Maybe Tesco sold all of thier stock and wanted more R60's...we may never know!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us. We're open 8am to 8pm. Mon - Friday and (i think...) 10am to 5pm Sat and Sun. My memory goes blank when i come home!

  Stuartli 23:49 07 Mar 2008

More likely the sheer logistics for Tesco of selling many, many thousands of items all year round - if a warranty pledge is listed on the packaging, it could easily be missed if it's out of date.

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