Samsung TV..... Will it be HD on xbox 360 ???

  2drewej 17:52 16 Dec 2006

hi , ive just purchased this samsung 19" tv ....

click here

apparently it is HD compatable even though it does not have a HDMI socket.

My question is...

Will i het a HD picture if i connect my xbox 360 to it via a VGA (computer moniter) input.

(the actual cable is HD compatible)

  2drewej 17:53 16 Dec 2006

on the link scroll down to reviews for more info on it..

  pcw Manager!!??! 19:27 16 Dec 2006

an xbox 360 will output 720p through vga connection, your tv should be able to show this no problems at all!

  2drewej 19:47 16 Dec 2006

thanks for reply , so does this only apple to 'HD ready' monitors or all monitors?

  2drewej 19:47 16 Dec 2006

sorry i meant apply not apple!!!

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