Samsung - ridiculous customer service

  Kristod 08:46 10 May 2017

Hello everyone, Right, my s5 burnt overnight while charging it was fried completely and I was lucky it did not set my house on fire. I could smell the smoke and it was so hot I had to drop it. I tgen irdered s8 and when they failed to deliver it as they rejected my payment (delivered it 6 days late so all preorder thing was pointless for me) and whike I was raving to them about that on the phone (they did not reply to any if my emails) I mentioned that my previous handset set on fire. They took to it straight away and told me they take these matters really seriously and they told me to set the handset back to them and they will sort this out for me... Then I have got a nasty email from them that they will not do anything and they sent the handset back with this letter! What should I do? They are laughing at my face directly and I was their faithful customer where it cones to the phones from s3

  Pine Man 11:04 10 May 2017

I'm not sure what your complaint is.

As soon as you told them about the fire they acted promptly to get your phone returned for examination. The result of their examination, according to their letter, is that the phone had been subjected to severe physical damage internally, which obviously is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

I'm not surprised they have refused your claim.

  Kristod 14:07 10 May 2017

So why they even told me to send it down to them? I explainted to them what was the issue. Surely they must have known that the phone is damaged internally and is melted down so why did they bother? I did not claim for anything they offered to take a look into it... What I am really asking is why they are callig the damage that has been caused by their charged to their phone a physical damage? It is not, is it? It looks like they are telling me here it was my fault somehow! Their product caused the danger to my household what if something was set on fire???

  Pine Man 14:51 10 May 2017

I'm only guessing BUT what if the severe internal physical damage caused earlier was actually the cause of the fire?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:45 10 May 2017

So why they even told me to send it down to them?

Presumably to check whether the problem was caused by a manufacturing or design fault or, by misuse.

  Burn-it 20:42 11 May 2017

I think they are saying that physical damage caused by you was the cause of the fire and further damage.

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