Samsung Netbooks.... and preferences ??

  RKMonty 21:19 19 Nov 2010

I've been look for a netbook and am a little confused when I see the same company ie Samsung producing very similar machines with different model numbers and prices
Foe example the Samsung N220 NF210 & N145 all have the same processor and many other items the only difference I can find is that the N145 is only 165gb the others are are 250gb The price differences are large two are around £320 and the N1445 is around £260
Which one would be No 1 choice ?? are they all similar ?? is the £60 justified ??
Or maybe I should stay with the Asus 1005PE which has good reports and similar specs and is around £280 ????

Thanks for any ideas or explainations

  Forum Editor 07:43 20 Nov 2010

would be to forget the Samsung N220 and go for the N210 instead. For my money it's the best value-for-money netbook currently on the market.

  RKMonty 12:24 20 Nov 2010

Thanks for the info
Would you say the Samsung N210 is better than the Asus 1005PE which has good reports ?? Any thoughts/reasons ?
And is there any differenece between the Samsung N210 and the NF210 ??
Thanks for any thoughts

  Forum Editor 12:57 20 Nov 2010


Why? The 1005PE is a good machine, but it doesn't have a high-definition display, and when you use it you get the feeling that it's not doing anything special for you. It's hard to put into words, but there's an impression that you're using a machine that's past its time - I wouldn't buy it.

The NF210 has a curvy look, and of course it contains an Atom dual core N550 processor. You'll not notice much difference however, and unless you're going purely for the look I would stick to the N210

  RKMonty 15:05 20 Nov 2010

Thanks for the update and info
As I want to buy this from Tescos (to use clubcard voucers) I have the option only between the Samsung N220 at £322 or the Samsung NF210 for £325 (amongst all the other makes they sell)
Any thoughts/comments ??

  Forum Editor 15:36 20 Nov 2010

but it's your money, and your decision.

  RKMonty 14:17 22 Nov 2010

The final other alternative I have is the Samsung N210 Plus at £285
Why are the model numbers so confusing !!
Your being very informative

  GaT7 14:32 22 Nov 2010

PCA recommends the Samsung NB30 - see "Group test: what's the best netbook? Reviews of the best netbook PCs you can buy in November 2010" click here. £274 at Amazon click here. G

  RKMonty 14:35 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for the info.....but as I need to buy from Tescos unfortunately they don't sell that model
So are restricted to my choices

  superdry 14:12 26 Nov 2010

Thanks god - someone else is having the same problem as me! I need to use up the clubcard points and the preferred choice of the hm mini210 is out of stock. The sony m13m1e has a tiny battery lasting 4-5 hours, so that's out too.
Of the samsungs can you say why the n210 plus is a better buy than the nf210.
I would have thought the faster atom n475 would have made a difference.
Is the battery life drastically different?
I will be using it mainly for internet/email, bit of playing flash games for the kids (cbeebies and the like) and watching some dicx/avi files - not HD.

  superdry 14:48 26 Nov 2010

How did the n210 get voted 2nd best netbook of the year, when the review kinda states its mediocre?

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