samsung d600 mobile phone recall

  kspatto 19:43 05 Dec 2005

Hi I know this is not strictly PC related but has anyone heard of the d600 samsung phone being recalled have been trying to get some form of response from tmobile about one of these I bought on 30/11/05 (next day delivery my arse)and im still waiting
now after phoning up apparently they are to be recalled (how convenient)funny thing is I cant find any info on a recall on samsungs website and there still selling them on tmobiles web site???

  PaulB2005 19:47 05 Dec 2005

Google says nothing.

  kspatto 20:01 05 Dec 2005

thanks for looking paul but I have already checked the samsung website in the uk no mention there either I think its just a con to get you to select another phone
thanks again im going to refer there advertising practices to the ASA

  pavvi 23:19 05 Dec 2005

There is definitely no recall on the samsung d600 I'm still selling them.....

  kspatto 23:38 05 Dec 2005

thanks for that pavvi

looks like its lets show the customer a nice phone and then tell him we havent got any and sell him a piece of crap great marketing ploy but they can do one i will find some other provider to take my cash


  SMINTY23 15:29 07 Dec 2005

I tried to by a D600 from a tmobile shop today, the manager said they had them in stock but are not selling them due to problems (something to do with the battery!!).

  pavvi 00:21 08 Dec 2005

a generic samsung d600 and has had no guess is that there may be a conflict with tmobiles own software. This is not uncommon orange's and 3's software iften conflicts with the phone because the hpone wasn't designed to have the network's software but it's own. You can get a generic d600 at cpw on tmobile that has samsung' own sofware (and other retailers too...

  roisin dubh 16:37 08 Dec 2005

s/w other half who works for O2, says she hasn't heard of anything definite but there is a problem with supply. They were supposed to be in and now they have a hold on them. SHe also said wouldn't surprise her if there was a problem with batteries as the D500 (which this replaces) was also notorious for battery issues and there was a big delay at the end of last year with their launch due to heavy testing.

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