Samsung - appalling customer service - Ring bells?

  Markiemark 15:12 05 Apr 2006

I purchased a Samsung X05 laptop in Nov 03 from PC World. I first returned the unit to their service department inside the guarantee period in October 04. The problem with the unit was that it was failing to find its operating system.

It has since been returned 4 times with the same and other faults and I am left feeling that I purchased a ‘Friday afternoon machine’ (for want of a better expression). The last time I returned it for repair I asked that if it failed again that they simply replace it.

It did fail again and when I sent it to Mr. Kim (letter attached), the President of Samsung UK, via his secretary Emma Fisci, it was returned to me from their customer services department with a letter saying that it was now out of warrantee and that I should send it to their authorized service center ‘Digicare’ for a ‘chargeable repair’.

As you can imagine I feel that this is completely unreasonable as they ‘failed to repair the unit effectively in the first place’. I think they feel that if they ignore me for long enough I will simply give up. Well this is not the case!

Can anyone help?



  anchor 15:32 05 Apr 2006

Consumer law is on your side. Consult your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

  spuds 17:44 05 Apr 2006

Originally your contract was with PC World, and you should have addressed the problem through them.Laptops could have a lifespan of upto six years in UK consumer law.

Can anyone help?. Yes click here all for the cost of a local telephone cal.

  Stuartli 19:54 05 Apr 2006

I'm surprised that Samsung, a respected company, is perhaps not treating you a little better.

Certainly it offers excellent products and at least one of its laptop models, the Q30, was rebadged by Dell as a Latitude X1 early last year.

  ade.h 21:53 08 Apr 2006

Just wanted to say good luck, and I hope you get a result from this. The law certainly is on your side. I'll be interested to read about the eventual outcome.

  Forum Editor 19:33 28 Jun 2006

who is no longer working with Samsung.

Emma has asked me to make the following facts clear for the record:-

1. Mr Kim is President of Samsung Europe, and at the time Emma was his exec assistant.

2. Emma Fisci quite properly passed your letter to the Samsung customer services department - whose function it was to deal with your complaint. Dealing directly with consumer complaints was not within Emma Fisci's direct remit.

  burnblaze 14:19 01 Feb 2008

My more recent dealing with Samsung/Digicare have shown that there is a systematic problem firstly with Digicare's engineers not thinking about how repairs should be done and Samsung just have a problem in how to respond in a timeley fashion.

My Q1U developed a fault over xmas with the touchscreen and was sent back on the 4th of January '08 for repair inside warranty to Digicare.

Digicare sent it back but forgot to latch the battery in place placed the UMPC in the accessories box and in transit the battery fell off and broke the battery contacts and snapped the battery guide tab. I sent the laptop back demanding they fix the issue by putting in a new mainboard. They collected it and sent it back to me after having it for 1 day.

The unit came back costmeticly a wreck. Glue and scratches on the case, case not clipped together correctly and the battery contacts had been bent straight. The battery went on but it wasn't a perfect repair. I got in contact with Digicare's MD, Andrew White, and gave him another crack at a fix. He told me they had mainboards in stock and plastics ordered and that the enginner had been an Ex-Samsung enginner whom he'd taken over when Digicare won the repairs contract.

I accepted this and the unit was collected again. It came back looking like it did when I first bought it. I took it home that evening and tried to get onto my WLAN. No networks. I then checked the BIOS to see if it had been disabled by default as it was a new board. The Bios screen showed me all I had needed to know. I had been inadvertently downgraded to a 600mhz Processor and no WIFI or Bluetooth, in essence their education model. I was furious. At around 9pm I mailed a screenshot of the BIOS screen to both Digicare and Samsung and left it to them to contact me. By 2pm neither Digicare nor Samsung had not responded. I rang them asking to know what they intended to do. They said they would replace the unit if I sent it in and would only be able to replace it with a lower grade model (one with no HSDPA).

Now they are trying to say they don't think mine ever came with the part installed as it is a factory option despite calls I have made to the company that supplied it confirming that it did indeed have HSPDA. I could settle for the lower grade model but I don't see why I should after all that has happened.

I can't see why it is such a problem just to get simple things right like checking the unit is put together correctly in its proper areas in the box and the casing clipped together properly. And at least use a cloth and some cleaning fluid on it. I can live with hair scrathes, I'm not unreasonable, but glue? Come on now....

Anyhow I've just sent the unit back and hopefully a replacement will wing it way to me but answer this for me. If it goes wrong again who's gonna repair it? Digicare? I wouldn't trust them to replace a light bulb.

  burnblaze 15:23 01 Feb 2008
  tillybaby 16:31 01 Feb 2008

Burnblaze the condition they sent your unit back to you is absolutely disgusting , no wonder you were angry,

Sometimes I do wonder if it would be easier and certainly much less stressful if we got a trusted local repair service to sort problems out for us although I do know also that 'why should we' scenario applies while it's still under guarantee but at least we can take it back to the local man and moan in person if things go wrong.

  Forum Editor 16:44 01 Feb 2008

It would have been better to have started a new thread about your problem, rather than tag onto someone else's - one that dates back almost two years.

I'm not surprised that you're angry - I would be, too.

  Newuser2 11:05 02 Feb 2008

I have to say that in my opinion Samsung do not make very good products, why my son is on his THIRD Samsung monitor the first two I should add replaced under warrenty (They just died) I have a side by side American fridge freezer and that played up some time back, A third party repairer via Samsung attended on three occasions and didn't seem able to fix the continuous running fault. It is OK at the moment (Kiss of death)?

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