The Sales have started

  The Brigadier 15:17 21 Dec 2008

Seems some shops are ready to flout Sunday trading laws to stay open for longer today.
Local Woolworths opened at 10:00 to get the punters into the sale before they close down on the 27th.
Boots opened at 10:00 as well.

Seems its a win win situation for shoppers this year.
Local Sainsburys packed by 10:45
Anyone would think the shops were closed for a week rather than just 2 days!

  spuds 15:35 21 Dec 2008

You may well find that most stores are offering a 'browsing period', which allows people to look at the goods, but not purchase until the checkouts are 'officially' opened. Nothing illegal with that, because its a way around the Sunday trading laws.

Best to have customers in the warm, than standing out in the cold getting a little fed-up ;o)

  bremner 16:01 21 Dec 2008

Sunday trading hours are for six hours between 10am and 6pm. So how were they flouting the trading laws when you posted?

  oresome 16:06 21 Dec 2008

"Anyone would think the shops were closed for a week rather than just 2 days!"

So long? Many shops are open again on Boxing Day.

  AL47 16:21 21 Dec 2008

i may actually hit the sales this year haha

  The Brigadier 16:37 21 Dec 2008

Couple of local supermarkets have been open 24/7 since Friday.
Coming back from a late night & filled up at Sainsburys & people were flocking in to buy goodies in the supermarket.

  laurie53 19:46 21 Dec 2008

What never fails to surprise me is that right up until closing time on Christmas Eve people will be pushing heavily laden trollies back to their car, and then the first day the shops are open again, Boxing Day around here, the car park is again packed with people pushing laden trollies!

Surely no-one actually runs out of food over Christmas?

  tullie 20:08 21 Dec 2008

Woolies are allways open at 10am Sundays

  interzone55 21:34 21 Dec 2008

All depends where you are. Our Woolies is open from 10:30 to 4:30.

Each town seems to have their own Sunday trading hours.

  Stuartli 22:16 21 Dec 2008

Seems to me that they started some time ago...:-)

>>Each town seems to have their own Sunday trading hours.>>

Not really, just that some stores vary their choice of opening and closing times for the six hours permitted.

Small shops and stores are not affected by this legislation.

  dagnammit 22:54 21 Dec 2008

Northern Ireland is strictly from 1pm to 6pm. Most stores open at 12.30pm for browse time.... I've never seen a big store flout this law.

(and it's a stupid law)

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