Sale at PC world

  Bike-it 21:45 25 Dec 2006

Just seen the TV ad for PC world they are selling laptops tomorrow for £199.99 does anyone here know which model they are selling for this price.

  ajm 22:13 25 Dec 2006

Via C7 Processor
(1.5MHz, 133MHz FSB, 64MB cache)
¦ 256MB RAM.
¦ 20GB hard drive.
¦ DVD/CD-RW combo drive.
¦ 14" display.
¦ Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition.

Firt 10 customers only on Boxing Day and on 27th Dec

  ForestChav 00:31 26 Dec 2006

Haha, lame PC... So underspecced, especially the RAM.

  Jimmy14 00:40 26 Dec 2006

For the money I don't know what you would expect in a laptop brand new and I'm sure it will suit someones computing needs.

  LastChip 00:45 26 Dec 2006

Depends what you want to use it for.

It wasn't that log ago, it would be considered quite reasonable.

You have to consider, use, specification and price.

Remember, they are beating (just) the £200.00p barrier. Frankly, I'm surprised it's got a DVD combo drive for that price.

  allclear 01:43 26 Dec 2006

Personally I wouldnt buy any Pcs from PC World. I have noticed 2 annoying things with PC World.
1) You have to hunt for a salesman for help
2) Try their Customer Services Desk in the stores. Most of the guys are in inside, knowing full well, that you are waiting to be served but will take their time to serve you. Their attitude comes across as it is them who are doing you a favour to serve you

There is another similar thread (below) on this forum about PC World Service.

I would rather pay extra for peace of mind.

click here

  LastChip 13:34 26 Dec 2006

It's become a bit of a tradition for me. PCW is close by and I trot along on Boxing day morning to see what bargains are available.

This year, it's the "sale that never was". Talk about disappointing! Almost everything I was interested in is pretty much the same price as it's been all year and that got me thinking.

What with the Internet creating e-retailers and the massively competitive market that PC retailers operate in, have we now reached a point where slashing prices is no longer an option?

Needless to say, the place was teaming with people, but I walked out with nothing!

nail on head!!
so true lol

asked for some advice from them while looking to buy my first pc, i enquired amd or intel, when some stuck up young lady (at merry hill branch) informed me' there is little or no difference for home usage but the amd processors are just made cheaper'!!
3 points:
customer service.
staff training.
bulls#'t filter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:05 26 Dec 2006

She is absolutely corrrect and you need to eat huge helpings of humble pie. I feel that she is not the 'stuck up' fool.


  The Brigadier 16:22 26 Dec 2006

The "bargains" that are on offer at the PCWorld sale depends on how much you think that PCW were going to reduce things to.

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