Sainsbury's to sell milk in bags

  wids001 08:03 13 Aug 2010

What's new. Sainsbury's have announced that they will be selling milk in plastic pouches or bags and Tesco are to follow suit. The bags will fit into a jug for pouring. Apparently this is more enviriomentally friendly than plastic bottles.

It's not new. Back in the Early 1970's in Essex a milk producer, Lord Rayleigh's Dairies tried this idea with their milk delivery service, replacing the carboard boxes they were selling milk in previously - strange triangular shaped affairs! Anyone remember them?

All their customers were supplied with a special jug (free-of-charge) that the pouches were placed into. It didn't work back then, with so many customers complaining they withdrew these after about a year and the dairy began using conventional glass bottles. I wonder if this idea will be accepted in today's enviriomentally conscious society.

  jaritch 09:36 13 Aug 2010

They have been selling them in Sainsbury here in Edinburgh for the past 6 months.

  Hercule Marple 09:43 13 Aug 2010

but I won't buy them.

  dms_05 09:50 13 Aug 2010

I remember the experiment with triangular shaped plastic bags. The problem was when you cut one of the corners the milk went everywhere but the cup of tea. The problem now is all the people who remembered the fiasco have retired and the next generation seems about to repeat the mistake. Bit like 3D TV!

  wee eddie 09:51 13 Aug 2010

the main problem with bags of milk was that opening it without spilling it was nigh on impossible.

Think about it. What can you hold, without squeezing that will allow you to remove the cap, unless they've re-designed the bag radically.

  canarieslover 10:05 13 Aug 2010

Ah,Lord Rayleigh's Dairies, I remember them well. I used to work next door to their dairy at Basildon and regularly had a pint of their Jersey milk with my lunch. The cream took up almost half the bottle unlike today's homogenised liquid.

  interzone55 12:21 13 Aug 2010

they've been trailing this across the country for a few years now, with limited success.

At the end of the day it's only the same as the bags of milk used in the catering milk dispensers, or for that matter the bag that holds the wine in a 3 litre wine box.

  BRYNIT 12:30 13 Aug 2010

Its call Jug-it and has been around for a few months. To use the bags you also need the jug.

YouTube clip on how to use Jug-it click here

  Colin 12:38 13 Aug 2010

"To use the bags you also need the jug."

Not necessarily. You can use a normal pouring jug. Put the bag in the jug, cut the corner of the bag, then pick up the jug to pour whilst holding the bag with your thumb. Unless you're a complete klutz, you won't spill any.

The Jug-it seems like too much hard work.

  Covergirl 12:48 13 Aug 2010

. . . a plastic bag or two of milk in the freezer. Red writing on them if I remember rightly. That would be the mid to late eighties.

Unfortunately the freezing process used to turn the fat into globules which, when thawed, floated on the tea or coffee.

  100andthirty 12:59 13 Aug 2010

We've had them down south for months. Always a joy to see them on the shelves gently leaking onto the floor

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