Sage Payroll - More like RAGE PAYROLL

  User-A513884A-C47B-4EFC-81D8ED4F8C039EBB 01:33 23 Mar 2003

Having bought the payroll package in June, imagine my surprise to be told by email last week that the software will be obsolete & wont function correctly after 5th April, due to the new NI rules following the budget. The problem can be fixed by paying for their (support) , sage cover for ONLY £90, and is £18 more than paying for an upgrade. This is what we paid for the original software. PC World dont want to know about the fact the "goods are not fit" etc and Sage are being most unhelpful. Surely you can reasonably expect software to work for 12 months if not longer. Anyone else having the same problem?? Sage were aware of this problem in November when the changes were announced....

  davidg_richmond 01:43 23 Mar 2003

this certainly is a strange situation, one that i dont think has precedence. have you contacted Sage at all? Their support number is 0845 111 55 55.

Software is only usually guaranteed for 90 days, but it may be worthwile taking this up with Sage as a matter of suitability, as you say. Was it a package that was described as, for instance, Sage 2002 or not? If it was you could only really expect it to be valid for that particular calendar year. If not, you should have grounds to take it up with them.

As an experienced Sage user, I have fortunately only ever had to call for help once, and find the Sage Cover is more geared towards general user problems etc. I just feel a little agreived that Sage's attitude is pay for cover or else. That is the tone of their email. They go out of their way to remind you (the customer) that their payroll software is approved by the Inland Revenue, but I have hit a brick wall this time. Had they informed people last year of the (possible) problems it would have been different, but to wait until now is, I feel, well out of order.

  Forum Editor 10:00 23 Mar 2003

Sage payroll products have an Inland revenue logo, certifying that the software meets the Inland revenue required standards as at a certain date - presumably this applied in your case?

I can share your irritation, but on the other hand......Sage have to issue software that will work at the time, and continue to do so as long as the playing field remains level. If the government announces changes after the issue date of the software you can hardly expect the company to update everyone free of charge - it's not their fault the changes are made. If you bought the software last June, and Sage didn't know about the changes until nearly six months later I don't think they've behaved too badly really.

You don't have grounds to claim using the 'not fit for the purpose' rule - the software was perfectly fit when you bought it, and the only reason it will not continue to be so after April 5th is because of circumstances beyond Sage's control.

  wee eddie 16:31 23 Mar 2003

I must imagine that you are running a small business and in your first year of having employees.

Otherwise you would be familiar with the reams of bumph that arrive, just in time to cause our poor payroll clerk a hernia lifting them and nightmares trying to work out the ramifications of a student on family tax credit or whatever.

Of course a payroll program is only attributable for the period which it is written and each year you have to replace it with a new one. At least, by staying with a single manufacturer year on year. The interface remains consistant.

There is a query that you should bring up with PC World, and that is.

Why was I asked to pay full crack for a piece of software that was three months past it's sell by date?

wee eddie. You are quite right.I am used to the reams of paperwork that arrive from the Inland Revenue and to be honest find both it and them extremely helpful. As I stated earlier, it annoys me that Sage only recently notified us of the impending doom. As our year end is the end of March it means there are enough things to be getting on with without having to chase Sage. What I cant understand is that they (Sage) only recommend purchasing the Sage cover (£90) and not a program upgrade (£69). In fact this isnt even mentioned in their email. My favourite bit is "your software will become obsolete and non compliant with Government Legislation." Nice

  wee eddie 17:38 23 Mar 2003

I think that Sage's Cover automatically supplies an annual rewrite of their software, as well as an advice line.

By an Upgrade, they may possibly be referring to a different piece of software. For example: You may have purchased the version suitable for a business with 1 - 10 employees. They may be sugesting the version suitable for 10 - 40 employees.

I decided not to use Sage but to Factor out our wages to a local firm of Accountants who use Sage, would you believe it.

  Iceman1978 01:49 29 Mar 2003

I work as a software tester for a payroll company. And when we sell our product it is sold with a years licence, so u can have uptodate software for a year. which is more sensible!

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