Saga Price Guarantee........?

  global-killer 16:02 01 Aug 2009

Just got my Saga Car Insurance renewal notice.
In it is a price Guarantee (If low can Find a lower Quote we will beat....Ect).

Anyway got a much lower quote, as £100 less for exactly the same cover. Sent saga an Email to this effect to see if they would beat it.

Got an Email back a couple of days later saying they were sorry I was leaving them and they would cancel my insurance as of renewal date.
No mention whatsoever as regards their price Guarantee.
Seems this Guarantee is only valid if it suits Saga not the customer.

Just wondering how this would stand up with the
Advertising Standards Agency.

Anyone else had a similar situation with a bogus price Guarantee.

  howard64 17:42 01 Aug 2009

chances are that this was an automated reply. To get a price revision you should phone their 0800 number and talk to a real person.

  Si_L 17:44 01 Aug 2009

I recently was given a price match guarantee by an insurance company, and on finding a quote for £60 less they decided to withdraw as they couldn't match it. Take the word guarantee with a pinch of salt.

  peugeot man 18:06 01 Aug 2009

I found my home insurance £55 cheaper at Churchill, my current insurer Tesco declined to match the offer.

I have been claim free for 10 years, so expected a good deal.

I used to be fooled into thinking that a company who said they would beat anyones price must offer the best deal.

I no longer believe this to be the case
shop around and forget about loyalty to a particular company.

  spuds 18:17 01 Aug 2009

From past experiences, I find that a new quote fron one of the compare websites the easy and simpler route for a better deal, for all insurances.

I get regular marketing literature from Saga, but I have never found them to be the cheapest or the best.

  Kaacee 18:41 01 Aug 2009

I went this way a few years ago, with I think it was Morethan, who said they would better any quote, they did by 1p..............

  oresome 19:53 01 Aug 2009

"I have never found them to be the cheapest or the best."

Until you make a claim, it's hard to judge.

  SB23 20:02 01 Aug 2009

I never worry about price quarantees.

Each year when, as in your example my car insurance comes up for renewal I look for the cheapest and go to them.
For the past 10 years or so, I've been with Churchill, who always give me the best price, so much so, even my household insurance is with them now.

Another thing, speak to them direct, not through anyone else or these compare sites.

  Stuartli 21:37 01 Aug 2009

Saga has always come up with a car insurance price that is at least double what I eventually end up paying to one of its many competitors.

I've just started my third year with Zurich - very competitive price and excellent range of benefits.

  BT 08:51 02 Aug 2009

Just got my renewal notice from Direct Line and have decided to go for a lower option as I no longer need the top option.
Direct Line quote for lower option £52.50
Green Flag quote for same option £52.50
(Not surprising as D/Line uses Green Flag)
Tescos - Also via Green Flag £47.00
Mainly because there is a 20% discount at Tescos at the moment, plus Clubcard points of course.

I too have always found SAGA quotes higher than most.Can't see how they justify their claims of being cheaper for the older age group.

  global-killer 09:18 02 Aug 2009

Thanks Everyone for your replies.

Seems as I said in my original post, price guarantee only applies if it suits the company, nothing to do with the customer.

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