Russian Music Downloads - Are They Really Legal?

  Alan L 10:13 31 Jan 2008

Hello. I often look around for value for money where my music hobby is concerned. I've no liking for 'free' file-sharing things like Limewire and don't mind paying for my music. British firms are very expensive at £0.79 per track and you only appear to get DRM downloads which are no use to me.

A few months ago I discovered two Russian music websites. I took the time to read about their legitimacy and it appeared these firms paid all due royalties for downloaded tracks. I duly signed up and paid my $50.00 and got $50.00 free as a 'new signing'. I found many albums of my past such as Magna Cartas' 'Songs From Wastie Orchard' and Beatle, Abba and Beach Boys albums I could never afford at the time.

I was able to download tracks for $0.07 (or £0.04 pence)or around £0.60 pence an album. I then found there were many new chart albums on there for downloading for the same price. I duly downloaded them, all DRM-free, imported them into my Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4 software, convert the MP3s to WMA 192kbps and I challenge anyone to tell the difference between a store-bought cd and my downloads. I usually play them through an old £1500 hi-fi system bought in 1996 and think I've done very well. I've downloaded 2700 tracks at 4p each costing around £108.00. The same on a UK website would cost 79p each and total £2133.00. The savings to me are enormous.

I'm not complaining either about the downloads or their qaulity,but are these Russian music download website really legal though? Whatever the debate, I will still carry on using them to get my music downloads. What do you think? Its important to me. Thank you very much.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:15 31 Jan 2008

'What do you think? Its important to me.' have already made your mind up so why ask? If you are too skint to pony up around £5-8 for a CD from Play com then you need to reassess your way in life.


  Jpeg6785 13:19 31 Jan 2008

The gentleman is only asking experienced members for help in ascertaining the legitimacy of the sites he is using.

The cost saving is obvious and therefore I can see his point in relation to still using the site regardless of the outcome of his question.

But why the need for the harsh, unnecessary and childish response is beyond me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:18 31 Jan 2008

A little education in the realities of life.

1) There is no way that the owners of these Russian based sites pay the full amount of copyright entitlement...if they pay any at all.
2) the sites are legal in Russia as their copyright law is a mess and unworkable.
£) I assume that you and Alan L do not own any copyright material or else you would be very annoyed as I am.
5) It is stealing.
6) 'But why the need for the harsh, unnecessary and childish response is beyond me' must have led a sheltered life if you thought that the response was 'harsh'. Try googling 'copyright laws' and also try to own some copyright material and see if you think the same way as you obviously do now.
7) CDs can be bought cheaply and I suspect that even if you and others like you were paid £5 to download a CD you would still complain about the price.


  [email protected] 14:18 31 Jan 2008

I don't understand why people pay to illegally download music.

If you're going to download it illegally then use Limewire or such and do it for free.

If you're going to pay then pay the artists and get the music from a legitimate source.

  Alan L 14:27 31 Jan 2008

Hello Jpeg6785,

Thank you for your post. It made for better reading than the outburst by dogsbreath...err...Gandalf above you. You have expressed that which I have tried to convey in my thread quite well.

To answer his points though is easy. I'm on a 5 year Incapacity Benefit certificate and I also get Disability Living Allowance at the highest rate for help in and out of the home. I can manage to go out for 30 minutes every day leaving me here at home for 23hrs and 30mins daily. I have multiple osteo-arthritis affecting many joints and bodywide fibromyalgia affecting muscles, ligaments and tendons. I use a walking stick to get around. I'm unable to work although I would very much like to and all this at 54.

With money being tight, I spend a little of my meagre income every month on music downloads. I don't and can't drive. Music is my only pleasure these days. My internet and phone bill is paid for by my godson. Do you think that will give Gandalf something to respond about Jpeg6785?

All the best though and thank you for your most welcome comments. Alan L.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:08 31 Jan 2008

So if you are on incapacity benefit it is Ok to steal?


  Jpeg6785 15:18 31 Jan 2008

I need no education in the realties of life, all of my music is currently purchased from HMV/Woolworths or similar, as a family we spend approximately £40.00 per month on CD's if you would like proof of recent purchases this can be supplied.

If you look at my thread I make no mention of my views, and do not in any way condone downloading and sharing of material illegally, I merely pointing out the gentleman was asking a question and stated rightfully or wrongfully that the cost savings were obvious which they are.

your secondary response as subsequently detailed to me I think would have been a better and more mature reply to the initial thread, obviously minus the presumptuous references to my character of which you know nothing.

  gardener 15:27 31 Jan 2008

We all look for bargains from other countries. Companies do it all the time, it's called 'globalization' and it's 'legal'.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:10 31 Jan 2008

Ahhh, another person who has never owned any copyright material. Your assessment of globalisation is incorrect in this case. /eyes raise


  wee eddie 17:25 31 Jan 2008

called the Radio

On this you can legally listen to Music and speech for free.

You can also record the tracks that you are listening to.

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