Rubbish specs on Comet website

  Covergirl 12:25 10 Jan 2012

Yes, I heard Comet were in financial difficulties. With information like this on their website is it any wonder that people go elsewhere?

If you expand the Technical Specifications, you'll notice this telly doesn't have any kind of tuner. I suppose that could be correct for a telly of that size at that pricepoint, but further down it says it has a CI slot and a 7 day EPG. What use are they if you don't have any kind of tuner?

So, what else is incorrect in that or any other product description? I've no idea but if they can't get the simple stuff right, I don't think I could rely on anything on there being accurate.

  Input Overload 12:50 10 Jan 2012

I have for many years since I was around 19 & I'm erm 52 now have been a fan of 'Richer Sounds'. The people in his stores not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic about goods they sell, they will offer cheaper goods if they feel it is in YOUR interest.

I first started using Richer for Hi-Fi but now they just about do about all AV. Their extended warranties are the best & cheapest this side of the Mississippi, & they are the one store I will recommended to anyone without having to worry about comebacks.

Obviously they are not perfect but perhaps as near as you can get - IMHO :-)

  Covergirl 13:07 10 Jan 2012

Yes, I've always liked Richer Sounds but I've never actually bought anything off them. I have a feeling the stuff they sell is "last years model" - not that there's anything wrong in that, I mean it was cutting edge last year so what's wrong with it now?

I especially like the "Leave me alone - I'm just browsing" (or words to that effect) stickers you could stick on your lapel.

I always envisaged other wording, like "leave me alone - I'm intelligent enough to make my own decisions thanks" or "leave me alone - when I want assistance I'll ask"

  wiz-king 13:12 10 Jan 2012

Covergirl You misread the spec --- it does not have a digital tuner. Maybe you could us it on the analogue service that is going to disappear in April! grin

  onthelimit1 15:21 10 Jan 2012

A full review here shows it has a freeview digital tuner. However, I agree the info given by Comet is rubbish!

  Covergirl 19:58 10 Jan 2012


That review site is rubbish too, and your link points towards a LG whereas my link is for a JVC - no JVCs at all on Funny enough, none on PC World (Currys) either.


I didn't misread the spec - I said that it says on there "you'll notice this telly doesn't have any kind of tuner". It's a 32" TV and like I said it's specc'd as having a 7 day EPG. How is that going to work if it doesn't have a TUNER?

Who would be mad enough to buy a 32" monitor?

OK, I've been on the JVC site (and finding the TVs is a bit of a trial in itself). That particular model doesn't appear to be on there - probably old stock from 2008 so I'll leave it at that. Hopefully nobody will get stung buying a cheap JVC telly without digital freeview tuner.

  spuds 09:07 11 Jan 2012

Wasn't Comet purchased for 1p recently?.

Personally I had a bit (a lot actually) of trouble with Kesa/Comet customer services, and have never used their stores since. Kingfisher/Comet was an entirely different set-up that was far better run?.

  Input Overload 09:12 11 Jan 2012

RE: Richer, I think a few years back they did buy up all stock from a company when a new model was brought out & to some degree they still do that, but most of their stock is now current.

But for example their own brand they bought our 'Cambridge Audio' is very well regarded in the Hi-Fi trade both here & abroad, times have changed at Richer.

What Hi-Fi which also covers all multimedia now gives good reviews on TV's, the LG one I bought last year had a good rating & am very pleased with it. Have a look in the award winners.

  Input Overload 09:15 11 Jan 2012

Oooops, sorry I missed the TV forum out:-

  interzone55 17:19 11 Jan 2012

I agree that Richer Sounds are amongst the best around for AV kit, and their extended warranty is superb.

I once bought an amp from them for £60, three years later I traded it in for a better model and the gave me £60 for it. Not a bad deal that...

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